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How much does an electrician cost?

Feb 20, 2018

Professional electricians charge by the hour for their work. You may see higher or lower rates, depending on the professional you choose as well as the nature and complexity of your project.


It may be tempting to tackle electrical work yourself, but it's best left up to a professional. If something goes wrong with the wiring, the effects can be catastrophic!

Beyond damage to fixtures or cables, faulty wiring can catch on fire. Working with electricity can be dangerous. It's best left up to a qualified, trained electrician.

Complexity of The Wiring Project

Replacing a light fitting or outlet is generally less complex than rewiring an entire room. If you need to re-position outlets or rewire a room, the cost will increase. These types of projects are larger and require more complex electrical work. They involve more steps with your electrician and will take more time to complete.

However, it can be hard to tell how complex your project is until you get started. With the wires hidden behind walls, you may not know what to expect until you're faced with the evidence and the project has begun.

Age of Wiring

Another factor to consider is the age of your wiring. If you have a brand new build, this won't be a concern. Yet, if you have an older home it may have older wiring that needs replacement or at least upgrading.

Take a look at the age of your fuse box. If you have an old-fashioned box or fuses, you likely need to replace the wiring in your entire home. Outdated wiring is no longer safe and might not be able to cope with modern demands or meet modern regulations.

If you do need to rewire your home it can be costly, you'll need to pay for new materials and labour. Rewiring is a complex process which causes costs to increase as a result.

The Renovation as a Whole

You might be looking at wiring as part of a larger renovation. If the plaster is already coming down, then updating the wiring might cost less at this stage. In any case, if you're planning to make changes to the wiring layout, you will need to work this cost into your renovation budget.

Even if you don't plan to change your wiring, an inspection is still a good idea. Have an electrician look at fixtures, outlets, and wires to prevent future surprises.


Most electrical work takes around 3 hours to complete. An electrician can give you a better sense of how long a wiring job will take with a quote.

Since an electrician usually works hourly, keep in mind that a larger job will cost more since it takes more time to complete. 

Other issues can add time to the job as well. Replacing old wiring takes extra time. First, they’ll need to check the wiring, and then plan out how to replace it.


Always find a certified electrician to do your work. Registration as a domestic installer or further certification like Part P is a must. Ask your electrician for certificates or registration numbers to confirm their training. Certification demonstrates that they are qualified to take care of your project.

You need to know your electrician has done the required training before they start the job. They should have a combination of education and practical experience working with electrical installations and repairs. 

Ask for reviews to assure yourself of your electrician's skill and experience. If you find your professional through Bidvine, you can easily read reviews by taking a look at their profile! 

An electrician with more experience or training may have a higher hourly rate. Even though this adds to your project cost, it can be reassuring to know their qualifications are up to date.

Don't be afraid to work with someone who is just starting out either though. They may charge less per hour and if they are certified and have good reviews, you can rest easy knowing they will do a good job.


The cost for your electrician can also vary by location. Are you or your electrician based out of a larger city? These areas tend to have a higher cost of living. This higher cost is usually reflected in higher hourly rates.

You may be able to find a professional operating out of a more rural area offering lower rates. These lower rates may seem tempting, but remember to allow for travel costs. If your electrician is travelling a fair distance to get to the job, this can start to add up.

For smaller electrical jobs, it might be best to go with the closest option. You might find a great out-of-town rate, but don't forget to add in the travel and transportation costs. It could turn even a quick fix into a costly project.

Additional Considerations

Inspections should be done regularly to ensure the wiring in your home is safe. Rental properties are required to be inspected every five years. If you are a landlord or a renter, make sure you know the regulations in your area to keep your investments safe.

When you have your electrician in, they can test your whole wiring system for any issues. This is an important part of home maintenance, especially in renovations. A certified electrician has an obligation to alert you to any problems they find and to help you determine the best way to fix them.


It's important to fix any electrical problems as soon as you discover them to keep your home safe. Dealing with electrical problems might be costly, but it keeps your home safe. 

No matter what, don't attempt electrical repairs on your own. Take the time to find the right professional for your project. Even a simple fitting update is best left to the pros.
Are you looking for help with installation, rewiring, or repair?

You can find the right professional on Bidvine! Answer a few questions about the type of electrical work you're looking to have done. In the Bidvine request form, you can also easily describe any issues you have such as exposed wires or an outlet without power.

Get started with a free request for bids today and find a great local electrician!

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Portsoken, East London E1 1RH

Riki M.Verified Review

Tom is the best, came on time for the quotes. Very good value for money. He is the best builder I have ever worked with, did painting, electrics, fixed a whole new bathroom, put in an AC. He was always punctual, kept the place tidy, no job was too small and the ultimate perfectionist. With Tom I now have my dream house. Thank you so much. I highly recommend him.


Wojciech Nawrocki

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Filton, Gloucestershire BS16 3AG

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Did a great job fitting Ikea Pax Wardrobe system look forward to hiring for our next job!


BHL Company

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Palmers Green, North London N13 6EF

Matt F.Verified Review

Fast same day response, good work done.


Adrian M Florea

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West Thamesmead, South East London SE28 0EQ

Hunter C.Verified Review

Adrian was professional, tidy, and did a fantastic job of plastering our hallway wall. He showed up at the agreed upon time, and charged what was initially quoted. Additionally, he was kind enough to answer a number of questions we had about our flat and its general upkeep; he's a genuinely friendly person and was a pleasure to have around. We recommend him without reservation.


Ciprian Torac

(12 reviews)

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Little Stanmore, North West London HA8 6BD

Simon P.Verified Review

Ciprian responded quickly to my request for IKEA furniture assembly. Work was completed to high standard, hardworking and friendly, I would hire Ciprian again.



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Plashet, East London E6 1HH

E S.Verified Review

Great professional , nice human being . Very on point and tidy after his work . I will re - hire him. Affordable and I will reccomens

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We analyse and update our price guidance for jobs based on thousands of bids from Bidvine professionals. Our Price Guides help you see what other people have paid for projects like yours.
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