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How much does draught proofing cost?

Nov 25, 2020

In the UK, the average hourly cost of draught-proofing is £20 to £25. This makes draught-proofing an affordable way to optimise the energy efficiency of your home. Keep in mind that these rates are averages, and costs may vary depending on the extent of the draught proofing project as well as other factors.

Draught Proofing Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£20
UK National Maximum Cost£25
UK National Average Cost£23
Average Range£20 - £25

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What is Draught Proofing?

Draught proofing or weatherproofing is the process of eliminating draughty areas in your home. When the seasons exchange the heat of summer for the colder temperatures of autumn and winter, you may notice something else has arrived: a cold draught! This is never welcome in your home and turns cosy evenings indoors into something less pleasant.

Draughts become more obvious as the warmer air in your home is replaced with cold air coming from the outdoors. Thankfully, draught-proofing your home isn’t an inexpensive undertaking. In fact, it can help you save money on heating costs by keeping temperatures stable.

A professional can diagnose the cause of your draught and work to eliminate the problem quickly and on your budget. When you don’t have the time or tools to handle a draught on your own, bringing in a draught proofing expert will guarantee the best results.


When you hire a draught proofing expert, you will want to be sure you have someone equipped to eliminate your draught for the right cost. There can be several factors that influence the cost of doing the work. Inform yourself about what goes into the repair and some of the areas that can influence how much the project will be. But remember that once you have hired a pro, the high-quality work you need to create a draught-free home is only a short time away, making it well worth the investment. 

The Area That Needs Draught Proofing

Different spaces in your home can be more prone to developing draughts. So if you detect a blast of cool air inside a space that should be nice and toasty, you know that a draught has appeared in one of these problem areas.

The first area to consider is your exterior doorways. Since they are open to the outdoors, they are the most susceptible areas for a cold draught. Take stock of the temperature around your doorways, especially if they have been shut tight for some time. If it is cold nearby, it could be the result of a draught that needs attention. With a few door repairs, you can help to ensure the cold weather stays outside.

This also applies to your windows and potential window repairs. After double-checking that everything is latched and closed up tight, there should be no cool breeze near any of your windows. If things are cold, chances are a draught is to blame. When you close your home up for the fall, it's very important to check rooms that aren't used as often to ensure that there are no unnoticed draughts.

Another area to look out for is your floor. Many older homes — and even some new ones — may have a floor draught that keeps the entire home chilly. These draughts are most often caused by a crack or gap in the floor that allows cold air to seep from a less insulated space in the home into the living areas. Wooden floors can be extremely susceptible as the wood boards will expand and contract based on temperature. This can leave space for a draught to develop.

And if you have a fireplace, your chimney can be the source of a draught if it is not dampened correctly. Although you do need to properly ventilate your fireplace, you do not want to suffer a draught when your fire is banked!

Type of Draught Proofing Services

Specialists can provide a number of services to help your home become a cosy place once again. After identifying the area that needs help, you will discover the correct type of treatment with the help of your expert.

Draught proofing strips are one of the most popular ways of dealing with a draught. Material such as foam or caulk is placed into the gap causing a draught to fill it. This prevents cold air from entering and provides a better seal around doors and windows. More permanent solutions can also be created for larger issues that require a more extensive weather barrier.

Your professional will be able to help you determine the best way of dealing with your type of draught.

Time & Number of Areas to Draught Proof

You should make sure to draught proof all of the areas in your home that are causing you problems. After all, it doesn't make any sense to stop up one gap while leaving others open!

Your pro is coming out to help you, so you should make sure they attend all of the areas that require attention in a single trip. This approach is also the best for your budget.

The length of time it will take to completely draught proof your home will depend on the number of areas that need attention. A single draughty door, for example, won't take nearly as long as it would to fix up all of your windows. If you aren't sure how long it would take, you are welcome to ask your pro to provide a quote so you can gauge the amount of time and cost required. Most jobs are able to be completed over the course of one or two days at the most.


Draught proofing your home is one of the best ways of improving your home's efficiency and its value. The process is quick and inexpensive. But to do so, you will need to make sure you have hired a qualified professional. So first take a look at their Bidvine profile to see how many years they have been in operation and developing their skills. The more years of experience, the more confident you can be that they are able to handle your project.

You may also wish to see if there are any reviews from people who have used their services before. This can give you great insight into their job performance and level of service. You can find out how efficiently they worked as well as how well the work held up over the years. Reviews often provide the information you may not be able to find out otherwise.


Draught proofing, like any service that needs to be done on your home, benefits greatly from the help of a local professional. Not only will they be at the ready to respond to your job request, but you will also know that they are experienced in the type of work that's required in your area. For example, they would know if there's a certain type of wind that could make some windows or doors more susceptible. This can be very helpful in making sure your home is as efficient and cosy as it can be.

Location also influences the total cost of your job. A local professional’s rates are in line with your current cost of living, whereas a pro that travels from a distance will use their local cost of living to set prices. This can change how much you are quoted for the job, so it is always best to find someone local to work with.

Cost Comparison of Popular Home Services

Have a few home projects to tackle? Easily compare costs with this handy chart below and get your projects underway while staying on budget!

Home ServiceAverage Hourly Cost


A draught is never a great feeling, but it is one that can be easily dealt with with the help of a professional. They will bring in the correct materials to stop the draught in its tracks and allow you to enjoy your home throughout the colder temperatures of the fall and winter.

Not sure how to get the project start? Why not let Bidvine help you on your quest for a more efficient home! Answer a few questions about your project and submit a free request for bids from trusted experts. You'll be connected with local draught proofing professionals who are ready to help you fix your draughts.

Bidvine Tip - Before the cold weather arrives you'll also want to make sure that your garden is ready. Read this guide to learn more about how to prepare your garden for winter.

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