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How much does door repair cost?

Sep 09, 2019

In the UK door repair services generally cost £60 to £100, though as this is an average prices can vary. Your door is an important part of your home. Both exterior and interior doors can become damaged over time. Look at your door to see what type of damage you have. This will help you to figure out how you should proceed with any necessary repairs.

Door Repair Services Costs

UK National Minimum Costs£60
UK National Maximum Costs£110
UK National Average Cost£80
Average Range£60 - £110

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Here are some top considerations to take into account when you are preparing for door repair.

Type of Damage

First, look at your door to see the extent of the damage. Broken locks, dents or dings on the door's surface will be easy to spot. If you have trouble opening or closing the door it may indicate less obvious damage. Regardless of what type of damage you have, knowing what the problem is can give you an idea of what the cost will be. If the damage requires more extensive repair it will cost more.

Repair vs. Replacement

If the structure of your door has signs of extensive damage, you may need to consider replacing your door. What percent of the door needs repair? Get a quote for the repair, and compare it to the cost of a new door. Decide which is the best path to take.

Type of Door

Front Door

Usually made up of wood, steel, or PVC, the front door provides an impressive entryway to your home. Some styles include glass accents or decorative windows.

Exterior Door

Like the front entrance, exterior doors can start to show signs of wear and damage. It's important these doors fit correctly to keep your home secure and weathertight.

Screen Door

Usually made up of wood, screen doors allow fresh air indoors in nice weather. The screen can get damaged from the weather or from impact from a person or object.

Interior Door

Interior doors tend to be made of either solid wood or a veneer with a hollow core. They can develop problems with their fit over time and get too loose or stick in the frame.

Door Material

Different types of door materials need different kinds of maintenance. Even though steel is a durable material that holds up well it, can become dented or fade over time. Then, wood tends to be more susceptible to the weather. This can cause problems with how the door operates as it swells or shrinks. If your wooden door has a hollow core it can also split or develop holes from damage. It is usually relatively inexpensive to replace these doors so you may want to consider those overpaying for repairs.

Number of Doors

If you have several doors that need repairing, expect this to cost more than fixing a single door. One door will generally cost less, but extensive damage can still make a solitary fix costly.

Sometimes it can be better to pursue replacement over repair. Replacing a damaged door can incur other unexpected expenses though. For instance, you may need to replace other doors in your home to match the same style.

Extent of Damage

Regardless of the type of damage that your door has, it's better to repair it sooner rather than later. Problems left unattended can develop into greater damage the longer they are left. Then, in the long run, this will cost more to fix.

Visible damage including dents, dings, or scratches can collect over time. It can also include damage received around the lock or hinges from the force of a break-in. This kind of unexpected damage needs immediate repair to keep your home secure.

Other damage is often harder to see. A good indication of damage is if you have trouble opening or closing a door. It can also swing too fast or scrape the floor when you use it. Sliding doors can even come off the track. This can be a minor inconvenience on an interior door but a major problem on the exterior of your home. Remember that extensive damage may require a replacement door.


Due to the wear and tear from regular use, any door in your home may need fixing. Extensive damage can even mean a replacement is necessary! Take the time to evaluate the damage to your door to weigh your options and find a solution that fits your budget. Make sure to consider any other work you'll want as well to get the best idea about cost.

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