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£120 - £400

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£120 - £400  National average range
£120 - £400



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How much does door installation cost?

Mar 06, 2020

On average most door installers charge around £20 to £30 per hour to install a door. However, depending on the number of doors you plan to install and the type of doors, this price point can vary. For an exact estimate click below to hire a local UK door installer.

Door Installation Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£20
UK National Maximum Cost£30
UK National Average Cost£25
Average Range£20 - £30

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A new door, or a door that has been newly repaired, is a top way to update the aesthetic of your home. It is the first thing you will see every day when you come and, the first thing that your guests will notice as well. It is the feature of your home that ties everything together. So, it’s important to keep your door in top shape! Below are a few considerations to keep in mind when you head out, door shopping.


As the main entry point into your home, a quality external door will keep out the elements and ensure your home stays secure. Then, internal doors will afford you privacy where you need it most. No matter whether you are searching for a front door, or inside door lookout for quality items. A good investment in a top quality door will pay off for many years to come.


Beyond the basics you also want your door to look good. Finding a style that matches the character of your home can take some time. However, if you search thoroughly it will all be worth it when you get to see how great it looks post-installation.

Depending on the aesthetic you prefer you can modernise your home so it fits in, or make it stand out! To blend the aesthetic with neighbouring houses opt for a whitewashed door or one with a classic neutral tone. If you want your door to stand out then keep a look out for a bold, eye-catching colour. You can also update a door with paint at any time to keep it up to date with your aesthetic.

Keep in mind that external trends will change, just like clothing styles. So, you may want to install a door with a timeless look. That way it will never seem outdated, and if it ever needs a fix you can hire a door repairman to tackle the job!


You can customise your door’s look with speciality hardware as well. There are endless finishes to choose from too. So, whether you favour a classic look like oil-rubbed bronze or antiqued brass, you can find the right hardware for your aesthetic. Alternatively, if you already love the hardware on your current door or you’d like to cut costs, have your installer reuse the existing hardware.


Most jobs are budgeted hourly and include the removal of the old door, installation of the replacement, refitting the door frame and any weather-proofing material. The overall cost of your project will depend on how long each step takes. If your door is a non-standard size, you and your installer will need to allow additional time for cutting and custom-fitting the frame.

Don't forget to allow time for your door to be placed on order, manufactured, and shipped to your location. You may find a waiting period of one or two weeks (or longer for a custom design) from ordering your door to having it arrive for installation. A good installer can give you a clear timeline for your project's completion based on the anticipated production time of your door.

If you need to have your new door installed in a short time frame, you may have to skip a custom build. In this case, check if your local building supply store has standard doors in stock. 

The actual installation of the door shouldn't take more than a few hours.  It is generally best to plan the installation for nice weather in the spring, summer or fall. That way come winter your home will be protected.

Type of Door

External doors are typically made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) or wood. Both types are strong and built to keep your home safe.

Glass Reinforced Plastic

GRP is a great option as it is produced in a number of colours. So you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to aesthetic. GRP doors can also be painted, if you can’t find a door in your ideal colour.


Wooden doors are simply timeless. They present both a popular and cost-effective option. Often made from a hardwood like mahogany, wooden doors can be designed with windows or panels in the same way as the GRP options.


The more glass your doors have, the more it will cost. A solid door, whether made of wood or GRP, will cost less than one with a substantial amount of glass.


Internal doors are often made from wood or a pressed hardboard that comes in several different styles. Panel doors are one of the most common designs found in homes, with raised designs that add a classic look. In contrast, flush doors are completely smooth and suit today’s modern home design.

Buying The Right Door

With so many options, finding the right door can seem like a big task. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you head to the store.

Take Measurements

Most door installers will take measurements of your door. That way they can ensure the replacement will fit. You don’t want to find out at the last moment that your door is too small and need to postpone the installation.

Ask Your Installer For Advice

Most installers are happy to walk you through the process of buying a door. Their experience with door installations will enable them to recommend manufacturers with the best reputations for longevity and quality.

In the end, no matter which door you choose, budget the cost of it into your project. Your total cost will be made up of both the cost of your door and labour costs for the installation.


Like with many other home projects like painting or handyman work, the experience of your door installer will influence the installation cost. The average hourly rate for a door installation is £25. It's important to find one that fits your budget and demonstrates their reliability and skill.

A less experienced installer will generally charge a lower hourly rate. This is usually because they are trying to expand and network their business. On the other side of the spectrum, an installer with several years experience will likely charge more. However, their experience may allow them to finish the job faster balancing out the cost in the end.

No matter whether you choose to hire a new or a seasoned professional always check for reviews. These will give you a solid idea of their previous work experience and inform you on whether they are the right person for the job!


Installing a new front door is an important decision that requires due consideration. After all, you'll be looking at the results every day seeing as your door receives a lot of use and attention.

However, door installation doesn't need to be overwhelming. Many installers will help you find the right door and offer suggestions based on their own experience in the field. Let them offer their expertise to help make the process simple.

Protecting your home can look great with the right exterior doors. Your new front door needs to keep you safe, so make sure you find an installer you can trust to deliver a quality installation.

Are you ready to upgrade your door? Submit a free request for bids on Bidvine for door installations to get your project started!

Once your new door has been installed, don't forget to hire a locksmith to update your locks to keep your home secure!