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£50 - £75

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£50 - £75  National average range
£50 - £75



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How much does deep tissue massage cost?

Sep 03, 2019

Deep tissue massage in the UK costs an average of £50 to £75 per session. As this is an average estimate, this price may change depending on the length and frequency of your deep tissue massages. This cost guide takes a comprehensive look at what factors can influence the price of deep tissue massage therapy to help you plan your budget.

Deep Tissue Massage Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£50
UK National Maximum Cost£75
UK National Average Cost£60
Average Range£50 - £75

Included in This Price Guide

About Deep Tissue Massage

Massage therapy is a great way to improve your well-being. Choose a deep tissue massage to relieve your aches and pains! Regular massages can provide you with a range of benefits, from pain relief to better health.

Make sure you find a trained massage therapist for your appointment. It will leave you feeling relaxed and rested!


Reason For Massage Therapy
Pain relief

When you're in pain, life can be a challenge. Sore muscles are often to blame. Deep tissue massage can help you feel better by targeting these problem areas.

With regular massage sessions, you'll can help relieve pain. Keeping up your massage appointments will keep the pain at bay. Neck and back pain or sore joints and muscles don't stand a chance!

Increase flexibility

A deep tissue massage will work on your muscles to keep them toned and responsive. When your muscles are relaxed, everything in your body works better!

A relaxed body is also less likely to become injured. Regular massages will increase your flexibility. You'll soon find it easier to reach and stretch. Stay ready to handle the demands of daily life!

Injury therapy

It's important to take care of your body after an injury. Deep tissue massage is a great way to recover from injury and help your muscles heal.

This massage will focus on working muscles in the affected area back to full ability. You'll also start rebuilding your strength. Check with your healthcare provider to see if deep tissue massage can help you.


Deep tissue massage can help you target the buildup of toxins in your body, even to the deepest layers! This massage will target affected areas to give your natural systems a boost. It works deep in your muscles to release toxins so your body can flush out these concerns. Getting rid of toxins will help your body fight off disease and keep you from getting sick.

Increase circulation

Taking care of your body is important. Stretching your muscles can help increase blood flow to all parts of your body. Improving your circulation in this way will help your whole body work better.

You'll see benefits in the rest of your life too. Better circulation will give you more energy and flexibility.

How Often Do You Have Massages?

To reduce muscle tension and pain, plan to have massages regularly. Try to have a deep tissue massage at least once or twice a month.

If you're hoping for faster relief, schedule more frequent massages. You may even want to go several times a week for treatment!
It's important to set up a schedule for massage therapy that works for you. You'll feel better even if you're just planning on a single visit.


A deep tissue massage uses slow movements to concentrate on muscle groups. Massage therapists will take their time on problem areas to provide lasting relief.

Most massage sessions take about an hour, but you can work out a different length with your therapist. Keep in mind that shorter sessions may not give you the full benefit of a deep tissue massage.

If you aren't sure, set up your first massage appointment for an hour. You'll be able to discuss your options with your pro to find a solution that works for you.


It's important to find a qualified massage therapist to take care of you. A pro should have graduated from a school of massage with records of their training. They may even have certifications to prove they have the necessary abilities.

Check for experience in deep tissue massage. This way, you can be sure your massage will be done properly and effectively.

You'll also want to find a therapist with a good reputation. When you connect with a pro through Bidvine, you'll be able to read reviews from clients. These reviews will help to assure you that your pro does a great job!


Massage therapists may work out of a clinic or studio. You'll need to travel to their location for your massage appointments. Make this a simple trip by finding someone who works close to your home or office.

Some therapists also offer in-home visits and will come to you for your location for the massage. This is a great option if you suffer from low mobility. Remember that if you live in a remote location, there can be an extra charge to have a massage therapist come to you.

Massage Therapy Cost Comparison Chart

MassageAverage Hourly Cost
Hot Stone Massage£45
Standard Massage Therapy£50
Medical Massage£50
Reflexology Massage£50
Sports Massage£50
Swedish Massage£50


Hiring a massage therapist for a deep tissue massage is a great idea. You'll be able to relax knowing you're in good hands with their experience and training. Let a massage relieve the effects of stress.

As a deep tissue massage targets muscle tension, you can deal with chronic aches and pain. You'll be feeling great even after your first visit!

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