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How much do dance choreography lessons cost?

Sep 18, 2018

Dance is a rewarding activity, whether you are doing it by yourself or as part of a pair or group. No matter whether it’s a fast freestyle or a slow ballroom classic, dance is fantastic fun. Plus, it’s great exercise that will get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. This combination makes it a great choice for a variety of goals.

Getting started with dance means lessons. This is the best way to learn a new skill, especially one that can be as complicated as dance. To start out on the right foot, you’ll want to connect with a great instructor. But you may wonder how to find such an instructor and how much it will cost. Check out this price guide to learn more about these details.


You’ll need to know what you are looking for before you sign up for your first lesson. What are you hoping to learn? Is it a certain style or do you have a goal you are hoping lessons can help you reach. All of this information is key to helping you find the right instructor so your lessons are successful. You’ll also want to consider these factors to figure out what the cost will be.

Style of Dance

With many types of dance available to learn, you may be curious which ones benefit from learning choreography! Most dances rely on choreography to make the movements look smooth and effortless. Ballroom dancing, for example, relies on a series of moves called holds that are necessary to truly dance this style. You’ll need to take lessons from a qualified ballroom dance instructor to learn how to dance this way.

Latin and salsa dancing also relies on a base set of moves and choreography. You will need to start with these basics before you advance into the mesmerizing fast steps of these dances.

The same applies to jazz dancing. You will need to know the choreography in order to dance to the rhythm of great songs with ease.

Ballet is well known for discipline and set choreography. Lessons are the best way to start with this demanding style of dance. With the right instruction, a student can learn a lot about how to dance properly. 

Although it may not be as obvious as with traditional dances, modern and hip-hop dance also rely on choreography to create a foundation for the dance. It helps connect the different pieces of the dance, such as foot, body, and arm movements. Working with an instructor ensures that you have the choreography you need to succeed.

Student’s Experience Level

It’s important to identify how much experience the student has and share this detail with the teacher. Whether it’s counting up what you know about dance in general, such as the styles or movements, or listing basic skills like moving to the beat of music, you’ll want to share this information as you search for a professional. You can indicate whether you are a beginner or if you are ready for intermediate or advanced instruction.

Not only will this ensure you get the right level of instruction, it will help you start with the right lessons! After all, you won’t want to feel out of place in your first lesson if it involves complex choreography right away. You should start with the proper amount of warming up for your experience level and then work into the concepts of the lesson. This can be something simple like how to hold your body or going straight into how to put together the choreography for a great routine! Easing into your lessons to match your experience is the best way to learn.


The reason you take dance choreography lessons can vary. It could be something casual such as the desire to learn a new hobby. Or you could have a clearly defined goal in mind. No matter which sounds like your situation, you should think about what you are looking for. This will ensure you find the right teacher!

You may want to take lessons to improve your performance before a dance competition. Although practice is part of preparation, lessons can offer you new choreography to stand out from the rest of the competitors.

Dancing is a very common occurrence at weddings; lessons are a good way to get ready for this kind of event. Having a bit of knowledge of dance is great for any occasion, but lessons can help you work on the choreography so you are prepared.

It could also be that you are learning dance for a school or company function. Lessons will give you a chance to work on your skills so you are ready to perform!

Length of Lessons

Although it will depend on your experience, lessons are usually a set length. Most people will sign up for a series of lessons that span several weeks in order to gain the practice time necessary to learn.

However, you will have be able to choose how often you take your lessons in this format! You can go as often as once a week. When you are starting out or if you are learning choreography to reach a certain level of competency on a deadline, more frequent lessons are recommended.

If you aren’t sure, you are always welcome to ask your instructor for recommendations. They will look at your current skill and your goal and work out a timeline that suits.

Instructor’s Experience

Look for an instructor who specialises in your desired type of dance. Make sure to look for reviews about a teacher as well, to get more information about how they communicate and their style of teaching. You can use this information to determine if this is what you are looking for in an instructor. It’s the best way to find a great teacher!  

Ideally, you will find someone who is an experienced dancer who has been teaching for several years. This way, you are working with someone who knows a lot about dance and is ready to help you learn.  


You’ll also want to think about where you’d like to take your lessons. Perhaps you’d like to have the full experience of travelling to a dance studio to learn. This gives you the perfect space in which to learn. Depending on the type of dance you learn, it may require special equipment. Ballet, for example, requires a barre.

But most dance studios will include a specialized floor built for dancing and mirrored walls to allow you the opportunity to watch your movements. This type of space is perfect for lessons.

If you choose to take lessons at home, make sure you have enough space to move comfortable! You will want to be sure you have an open space that gives you the freedom of movement you need to learn.

Cost Comparison of Popular Dance Lessons

Considering learning a specific style of dance? Have a look below to see pricing for some of the most popular dance lessons!

Type of Dance Lesson
Average Hourly Rate
General Dance Lessons
Hip Hop Dance Lessons
Wedding Dance Lessons


Learning choreography is simple when you work with an instructor. Whether it’s working with beginners or with advanced students, their attention can take a student to new levels of success to reach their goals!

Of course, you’ll want to work with a qualified instructor who will make you confident as you learn. To find the perfect teacher, turn to Bidvine. Submit a free request and we’ll help find you great local professionals so you are set to learn the dance of your dreams!

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Jay Jay Dance

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3 hires on Bidvine

Stoke Newington, North East London N16 8SA

Bethan D.Verified Review

Fantastic. Patient and fun.


Hannah Vincent Yoga & Dance

(11 reviews)

10 hires on Bidvine

Hackney, North East London E8 2BS

Alicia F.Verified Review

Hannah was so great whilst we worked with her! She gave a great class, really dynamic and she is so flexible with your requirements!


Vaida Vi

(7 reviews)

7 hires on Bidvine

Deptford, South East London SE8 5QA

Alice R.Verified Review

I absolutely love Vaida. I had a knee injury that put me off working out for a long time and with Vaida, that pain has entirely vanished. Her form and her teaching is of the highest quality. I recommend her very highly and also find the training space complete with a lovely atmosphere. Well worth it all, if I could rate 10 more stars, I would!


Inner Wolf Massage

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Katarina is a very charming, friendly and professional Massage Therapist. She identified that I had a back problem and was careful (via communicating) not to cause undue pain. She was great - one of the very best massages I have ever had! In addition, her place of business is excellent- a lovely, big room, full of character. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend her to a family member, or friend.Thanks Kat! You are wonderful


Sam Bennett

(4 reviews)

Totteridge, North London N20 8QR


No matter how many hours of work and socialising we cram into a day, staying fit should be one of our top priorities. There’s no denying the major payoffs that maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle can bring but we need to make a concerted effort that’s more than a weekly sprint or a walk in the park. By working out with a personal trainer, you will not only get the results you want but you will achieve them quickly and more effectively. I’m not a standard personal trainer; I’m an ASICS certified personal trainer and instructor with a mission to transform the lives of my clients. From flabby to fit and weak to strong, together we will create a training plan that works based on your unique needs and capabilities. As a professional dancer, I know what it takes to get fit and maintain a consistently high performance. My background in dance training and career paid dividends and taught me a great deal about fat loss, functionality, strength and posture correction. I impart this teaching to my students, and constantly motivate and inspire them to put their 100% into every workout. By push you out of your comfort zone, I will show you that you have what it takes to get the results you want. My workouts will complement your needs and lifestyle and I provide valuable advice for an effective way to work out and get toned. I also offer workouts for the week as well as my training sessions to ensure you get the best benefits. Developing a good relationship is crucial and I will aim to understand your concerns and encourage you to overcome any setbacks We can train together in the centre of London in my studio or in the comfort of your home. If you’d like to adopt a healthier lifestyle that will do wonders for your body and mind with an enthusiastic trainer who is invested in your wellbeing, please get in touch for a free consultation. My rates are very reasonable and I offer a 15% discount on pre-paid 10 sessions. Thank you for going through my profile and I hope to hear from you soon.


Elm Dance - Teaching & Choreography

(3 reviews)

Daventry, Northamptonshire CV23 8AT

Claire T.

Elm Dance have worked with me over the last 8 years running workshops for KS2 and KS3 students on a variety of topics covering choreography and performance skills. We have also had workshops helping GCSE students with choreography and performance pieces for the exam work. We have also had dance films made as a result of our Arts Days for year 8 students. I have also been a student at Elm Dance's adult contemporary classes for many years and found them to be informative, creative, challenging and enjoyable.

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