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How much does counselling cost?

Jan 07, 2021

The average cost per counselling session in the UK ranges from £40 to £60. Depending on the location of your counsellor, their experience, and the frequency of your sessions this cost could vary.

Counselling Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£40
UK National Maximum Cost£60
UK National Average Cost£50
Average Range£40 - £60

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What Does a Counsellor Do?

Being able to think about and understand what you face in life is an important skill. It involves working through both the emotional and rational sides of the problem to determine the right steps forward. Yet, this isn’t a skill that comes easily. You may require the help of someone like a counsellor to help you work through issues and be able to look at them with clarity.

Working with a professional is the best way to have assistance working through any concerns in your life. Not only does this provide you with the impartial insight you need, but you receive the help of a trained expert. But before you hire, you’ll want to know what goes into the price you are quoted to ensure you are getting the right help.


Several factors can influence the rate a counsellor will charge. It’s important that you know what goes into this rate before you meet with your counsellor for the first time. This way, you can make informed decisions about who is the right person for your needs. You’ll also know the right questions to ask. From the number of qualifications, they have to the type of help you need, the details around your request are important. So read on for more information about what you need to know and how it can affect a professional’s fee for services.

Goals For The Counselling Session

It’s important to determine what your goals are for counselling before you begin your sessions. This allows you to find someone who is trained in the area you need help with and make the most of your sessions. This will help you manage the issues that matter to you and may even help you resolve them. Common reasons to pursue counselling relate to your emotions, life events and relationships.


Helping with emotional problems is many counsellors’ speciality. These issues can impact your emotional health and wellbeing, so counselling can help. This includes issues around stress or depression. You can build confidence and self-esteem with regular sessions too, working through what is keeping you from your true potential. Through regular discussion, you’ll work on conquering problems with the help of your counsellor.

Counsellors can also help discern if the cause of negative habits stems from an emotional need, helping you explore and fix any issues. This may help you reach goals such as quitting smoking or overcoming fears that may prevent you from enjoying your life.

Everyone’s lives are filled with important decisions, but working through these on your own can be a bit complicated. Outside insight or advice from a counsellor can be extremely helpful in reflecting on the past to improve as you move forward. In particular, a counsellor is helpful in figuring out where to go in life, such as with your career or other life changes. With grief counselling, a professional can also assist you in dealing with a loss.

Counsellors can help boost particular skills too, such as improving how you communicate in your job or personal life or helping you with public speaking. Having a goal to focus on will help you do your best to improve.


Counsellors are also adept at helping you navigate your personal relationships. In fact, there is specialised counselling to help with many areas of relationships. Many married couples benefit from counselling, so you and your spouse may wish to go to counselling to improve communication between the two of you or to help with other situations.

Or perhaps the issue is between parents and children. Family counselling is perfectly designed to help your entire family through any issues they may face. A counsellor can help with a wide variety of difficulties between parents and children, smoothing the way forward to better relationships.


Most counselling sessions are scheduled for forty-five minutes to an hour in length. This allows for enough time to get comfortable for your session. You’ll be able to talk about how things are going in a relaxed manner with your counsellor. This makes the environment better for processing information and deciding on your next steps. You may be able to ask for shorter or longer sessions, but keep in mind that you want to have enough time to make progress in each session.

You’ll also need to consider how often you’ll visit with your counsellor. Typically, once a week will make sure you can speak of the important topics in a timely fashion. But if this feels like too much of a commitment to start out, you can always try every other week or once a month. Your counsellor can recommend a frequency that will work for you too, so be open to discussing a schedule on your first visit to see the best results.

Experience of Counsellor

Since you’ll be discussing important details from your life with your counsellor, you’ll want to be confident in their abilities before you book your first session. For this, look for someone with the right qualifications and experience.

In the UK, a counsellor should be certified with the right practical skills, theories and ethics through a qualified and accredited institution. This will also include a diploma in counselling, which includes a placement to gain experience working as a counsellor before passing the course. This enables them to lead a counselling session. Keep in mind that a counsellor is not equipped to make diagnoses about underlying behavioural conditions or other medical factors, but are more than qualified to help with most issues.

Your counsellor should also make you feel at ease. This is why meeting a counsellor in person before you sign up for any number of sessions is a great idea. You’ll know right away if this is someone you can share your biggest concerns and worries with in hopes of becoming more confident.


Where you are located and where your counsellor is are important details to consider. Both of these can influence the cost of your counsellor’s rates. Consider both their location and where you have your sessions as factors influencing the rate.

Cities vs. rural areas

The location where a counsellor works can affect the rates too. Cities tend to have higher costs of living, so counsellors’ rates may seem higher than those working out of rural areas. But there may be more counsellors in cities, increasing competition and keeping costs down. So look around and consider which is best for your needs, and who will be easier to travel to!

Counselling Office vs. at Home

You’ll be able to choose a location for your counselling sessions too. Think about whether you would be more comfortable going to your counsellor’s office or have them come to you. This will make sure your sessions are off to the right start, no matter which you choose. Just keep in mind that asking your counsellor to travel could add to the cost.

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Working with a counsellor can be a great way to work on your communication skills and improve how you deal with life’s surprises and responsibilities. No matter your goal, this is a great decision for added confidence and help with your goals.

Find a great counsellor you can trust with Bidvine. You’ll just need to answer a few questions about the type of counselling help you need, and you’ll be connected with the best professionals. Then you’ll be able to get your life in order, one session at a time!

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