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How much does computer repair cost?

Sep 05, 2018

Computers are valuable pieces of equipment for many of us. Whether it’s used in your home or your office, it is something you rely on for entertainment or to get the job done. No matter what you use it for, you want it to be ready to work whenever you are. 

But just like any other electronic device, your computer can develop problems. Sometimes you can get it working again just by turning it off and on again to restart the device. But when this fails, you may wonder who can fix it, and how much it will cost. Thankfully, there are a few things you can look at in advance to calculate your cost. Then, a professional computer repair technician can help you get your machine back up and running so you can get back to work.


When your computer stops working as it should, you may wonder what to do. The steps are simple, so don’t panic! The most important thing is to make sure you share the right information with your computer repair specialist. This way, they can diagnose the problem and fix it up for you.

There are some factors that can influence the cost to repair your computer. Advising your technician of the kind of computer or the type of problem can help you get a more accurate quote before you bring it in. This valuable information can help you decide where to get your computer fixed. 

Type of Computer

Your expert will need to know what kind of computer you have in order to repair it properly. Different types of computers have different parts and may require different software to fix up. It’s important that you hire an expert who has the right skills and tools to work on your computer, so be sure to share the information with them.

First, is your computer a desktop or a laptop? A desktop computer has separate parts. There is a large, usually rectangular body that contains your computer components and is accompanied by a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Sometimes, there are separate speakers included. These machines are popular both in homes and offices.

A laptop is a single unit that has all of the components together: monitor, keyboard, computer parts, and a trackpad instead of a mouse. These machines are very portable and are popular for people who like to do their work in a variety of locations.

Let your technician know about your operating system too. Windows PCs, Chromebooks and Macs by Apple can all run into situations where they may need repairs. Advise your expert about your system, that way they can offer the best solution for the particulars of your machine. Many technicians are experts in one area and specialise in this type of repair. Save yourself some time and advise what type of computer you have to get it right the first time.

Issues Your Computer is Experiencing

There are many common issues that can develop over the life of your computer. Some are simple fixes while others can take more time before you can resume using your system normally. It can really help your specialist offer an accurate quote for the repair cost if you can communicate what’s wrong.

Don’t know what’s causing the problem? Don’t worry! An expert can also perform diagnostics to determine exactly what needs to be fixed.

Some issues, such as a cracked or damaged screen, are easy to see. Others can only be detected when you use your computer. For example, not being able to connect to the internet can be frustrating. Rather than getting mad, call on someone who can fix up even those problems you can’t see!

A computer that won’t turn on or one that runs extremely slowly is a sure sign that something isn’t right. There could be issues with the hardware or software, or perhaps a virus or malware. These problems need prompt attention to keep your information safe.

Choose an expert to be sure that your computer problems are taken care of. They can fix it up when you keep getting system errors or the dreaded blue screen! Even loud, unexpected noises can be diagnosed and the problem fixed.


Inspecting a computer for problems is no simple task. Often, a technician will need to take some time to diagnose the issue. It could be that a slow-running computer is actually related to a virus! It’s important that your expert has the opportunity to fully explore your problem to figure out the cause.

Some issues may be fixed within an hour. Maybe your computer’s fan has collected dust and needs a good clean. Then, it will be ready to go again!

However, more complex issues will take longer. Replacing failing hardware or isolating a piece of malware can take several hours to fix. When possible, your technician may also recommend backing up your system to limit the loss of data.

Technician’s Experience

You’ll want to bring in a trained expert as computers can be very complex. First, consider the type of computer you have, and check the expert’s experience against it. Look at their Bidvine profile for this information. Are they familiar with your make of desktop or laptop? Do they know your operating system? If the answer to these questions is yes, you will know that the technician matches up to what you need.

While you are on the technician’s profile, also take a look for reviews. People who have brought their computers to this person for fixing are likely to leave reviews detailing the service they received. You can use this information to guide you towards the right decision. Comments about professionalism, speed, or cost can help you determine whether a technician is right. Reviews can certainly help you find someone you feel comfortable with. It can also help you understand what to expect in regards to the cost.


When you contact a computer technician, you will most likely be given two options. You can bring your computer into their repair shop or have the technician travel to you. Either option is sure to get your computer fixed up!

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If your computer is not working, a technician is the best way to see results. They can diagnose the issue and perform the fix. With their experience, you’ll know the cost of the repair is reasonable and worth it. 

Not sure where to find a computer technician? Submit a free request detailing the technical issues your computer is experiencing and get bids from top computer technicians.

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