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How Much Does Commercial Videography Cost?

Nov 25, 2020

The average cost of commercial videography in the UK is £350 to £795. This rate can fluctuate based on the length of the film and the amount of editing required, among other factors which are outlined in this comprehensive price guide.

Commercial Videography Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£350
UK National Maximum Cost£795
UK National Average Cost£500
Average Range£350 - £795

Included in This Price Guide

Why Should You Consider Commercial Videography?

Commercial videography can be very effective, particularly when used as a marketing tool. It captures the attention and imagination of viewers instantly and easily in a way that is hard to beat. Since it can be incorporated into your business’s plans in a variety of ways, it’s a wise investment no matter your industry.

If your company is looking to use commercial videography, it needs to be done right. However, improperly edited or low-quality film is obvious and can cast your business in a poor light. So for the best results, employ the skills of a professional for your project. You can benefit from their experience and end up with a great video to use as you see fit.


There can be a lot of pressure with videography, especially when capturing an event. It has to be done right on the first take since there often isn’t a second chance! So for that, you’ll need to employ someone who is qualified for the job and can handle the pressure. This way, you can trust that they will make your commercial videography amazing, whether it’s a marketing video or an event recap.

To find the right professional, your search should consider the following details to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need. From how long the video is to how it’s put together, outlining your project will make you sure that you’ve found the right pro.

Type of Video

There are many different types of video out there! You’ll want to choose the best type to reach your goals. A commercial is one of the most popular types of corporate video, helping to promote a sale or your company’s offerings. Explainer videos help share knowledge about how to use a product or help people understand a concept. This can build up your brand beyond what you sell to help you become leaders in your industry.

But video can also be used to raise awareness of your company, its culture or what it does. It just needs to have a solid message to convey to your audience! You can tell them you care about the community or that your organisation goes above and beyond the competition in terms of service. Think about shooting video of your leadership team participating or speaking at conferences to highlight knowledge and experience. This can also be done at special business events to showcase what you are able to accomplish. Or take film your team in action to promote company culture.

Video Audience

Not sure if your video will be the right type? Think about your audience first! They can help you discern the right type of video. Do they need to be introduced to your company or product, or even a sale? Or perhaps they are seeking out more information about the benefits of what you sell and how to use it properly.

You should also think about where your audience is likely to see your video. Is it on television, an online ad or best to post on your own website? Knowing your audience will help you find the right place to host.

Once you know what your audience wants and where it is most likely to see your video, you can begin creating the perfect piece.

Video Editing

Few videos are shot perfectly on the first try. In truth, a finished video is the product of many takes and filming hours. It just requires proper editing under the hands of a professional.

When you work with commercial videography, you can relax knowing that your video will come together in the hands of an expert. Video editing will compile clips to tell a story, using the best takes and angles. It can also include music, transitions and graphics, as well as titles to suit your style of video. Keep in mind that more complex editing will increase how long it will take to finish a video and add to the overall cost. But an expert can transform your idea into a gorgeous and professional video so it is all worth it.

Video Props

In your video vision, is there a need for props? Perhaps you need costumes or visual aids to help sell the message in your video in addition to having your products on hand. Regardless of what you need, make sure you have everything in place before filming begins. While many items can be produced at your business, such as a setup in the office or at a computer, some props will need to be supplied. You may be able to procure what you need yourself but first check with your videographer. Quite often, they have the basic props that you need to make your video perfect. They may also be able to use their connections to find an elusive prop and keep your costs down.


There are a few time factors to consider with your project. First of all, there is the time it will take to film. Depending on the desired length of the final video, you may need to film for a few hours up to a few days. Longer videos, especially those with different locations or scenes, will take longer to film. Filming an event may only take a few hours, but adding in other shots can increase the overall length of time. You can always make an estimate on how long you think it will take, but it’s best to leave it up to the expert to determine how much time is required to film.

There is also the editing time to consider. This step always takes time to take raw footage and turn it into a video that is enjoyable to watch. There may also be steps to include graphics and other visual elements that all add up.


To be satisfied with the final project, you’ll want to have a videographer you can trust. For this, look at an online profile for more information. They should have previous work examples listed in a portfolio to allow you to experience their vision and their skills.

You can also request samples on request to be sure they have what it takes to make your video amazing. You can also check out their profile for relevant training. Many videographers have taken courses in order to do what they do and may list certificates or diplomas achieved during study. Having education from a reputable organisation is one sign that this is an expert that you can trust because they know what they’re doing! Reviews can also help here — they give you information about a pro’s quality of work and style.


Another detail to think about is the location of the shoot! Is it going to be filmed primarily at your business or will it involve travel to multiple locations to get the shots you need? Shooting at different locations requires travel and can increase the cost to cover your videographer’s time and mileage.

Filming a conference or event, for example, may be a one-off project. For this, you can look for a pro that is located near the venue. But if you have a relationship with a videographer for most of your projects, you may want to enlist their services for visual continuity. Just check to see whether they can travel to you — and if that influences the cost!

Commercial Services Cost Comparison

Are you planning out some more services for your business? Easily compare costs for the most popular commercial services with our handy chart below.

ServiceAverage Hourly Rate
Commercial Photography£100
Digital Marketing£47


Video can be just the thing your company needs to set itself apart from its competitors. Whether you will be promoting a product or sale, introducing potential customers to your company culture or even recapping a special event, you will want expert videography you can trust to make it happen.

Now that you know what to look for, you can find the perfect videographer for your commercial needs. With Bidvine, it’s simple and fast. Just fill out a short survey outlining what you want, and we’ll sort through the best pros to find you, someone, to make your project spectacular.

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