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How much do cello lessons cost?

Nov 23, 2018

Part of the stringed instrument family, the cello is a mellow-sounding instrument that conveys emotion in every note. It is popular as both part of a group, such as an orchestra or quarter, or when played on its own. Played by either plucking the strings or by using a bow to coax out wonderful sounds, the cello is versatile enough to fit with a variety of music and playing styles.

Playing the cello requires good posture and proper performance demeanour, making it a great option for younger students hoping to learn. The simple nature of playing also adds to your sense of well-being as it can help you reduce the amount of stress through the simple act of playing.

Although it takes time to master, playing the cello can also be a wonderful experience. So whether you are looking for lessons for yourself or for another, you can look forward to hearing the cello in your future!


Learning a new instrument won’t happen overnight. So it is important to find someone you can work with.

Cost can be an important consideration of the process to find a good teacher. After all, you won’t want to invest time and money into your lessons, only to find out that something isn’t working! So to get the right fit, make sure to evaluate your needs first. Then, you can ensure you receive an accurate quote for the cost.

Style of Music
Composers have been writing music for the cello for hundreds of years, giving you a wide range of music styles to choose from. From classical pieces to jazz, there are sure to be some kinds of music that you can’t wait to play.

You may already have a few songs picked out before your lessons! Bring these to your instructor to make them a part of your lessons. Keep in mind, however, that some music may be too advanced for beginning students. See if your instructor can locate simpler versions to get you started.

But if you don’t have a preference, your instructor can select from a wide range. The distinctive sound of a cello may be found in concertos or movements of different symphonies. It could be a solo piece or one in which the cello has other orchestra instruments as a backup. It also blends with other instruments in jazz or blues pieces with other instruments like piano, bass or brass.

Cello is used to play popular pieces. The Beatles made the sound of the cello integral to their most popular pieces like Yesterday. Now, it would be difficult to imagine these classics with another sound! You are sure to find music written to play on the cello, no matter what your taste is.

Do You Need to Purchase a Cello?
Regular access to a cello is a must. Not only is it required for your lessons, but it will help with your at-home practice! Having access is a necessary ingredient for learning.

However, this does not mean you need to purchase. Rentals are often available from music stores that sell instruments. You may even be able to pursue an option to buy later on if you enjoy your lessons.

But if you know the cello is the instrument for you and are ready to purchase, you don’t need to take this step on your own. Your teacher can offer advice about the right instrument to get you started — and to help you advance.

Experience of Student
Instructors must know the student's experience in order to create the perfect lesson plan. It doesn't make any sense to spend time teaching what you already know! Some techniques or knowledge can be translated into the task of learning a new instrument. 

So to avoid frustrating first steps, give your instructor the details about your experience. Lessons will be much more relevant as you are taught how the notes you know relate to your cello. Even experience with another instrument can be helpful.

With this information, an instructor can create a customized lesson plan based on what you already know. This is especially important if you have taken lessons before. If you are coming back to the cello after a number of years, lessons won't start with the basics. Instead, your teacher will create a spectacular refresher course.

Length of Lessons

Cello lessons are typically between thirty to forty-five minutes in length. This allows for adequate time to prep your instrument and get down to learning new skills and techniques with your instructor.

But some beginners may wish to start with an hour to allow enough time to learn the basics of music. If you don’t already know how to read music, this may be the best option for time to learn how to read and understand your sheet music as well as starting with your cello.

Of course, you will still need to budget time in your schedule for practice. The more time you dedicate to practice, the more your skills will increase. So keep this in mind when planning out your lessons. Perhaps it’s best to choose a thirty-minute lesson if you can dedicate more time at home! You can also check with your instructor to advise what the best length is for your needs.

Teacher’s Experience

The cello can be a difficult instrument to learn, but not when under the tutelage of a practised, experienced professional. So you should look for someone who has spent a lot of time playing the cello to know they can teach you with confidence.

Some teachers may even have gone to an academy of music for certification as a music teacher. This can be extremely useful in helping you determine whether a teacher is suitable as you start out with your instrument. However, it is not a necessary requirement, as often teachers fall into teaching simply because of a love of playing the instrument.

For more information, look for reviews! This will tell you how other students felt about the level of the instructor and how they enjoyed lessons. Reviews are always a great way of learning a bit more about your instructor as you make your decision.


Music lessons require a quiet space for the best results. It should be free of other noises and all distractions! So for the best experience, location is key.

Often, instructors will work out of a studio with practice rooms built specifically for this purpose. Having such a place close to you can make lessons an even better experience.

When you search, look for someone who is working close by for the easiest commute. You won't need to allow for extra travel time to make it to and from your lessons.

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For many, starting a new instrument can be a nerve-wracking experience. But with the right instructor, learning the cello can be as enjoyable as playing your favourite songs! The reward is always worth the time you put in.

So start your search today with Bidvine. Just answer a few questions and submit a free request for bids and find a great cello teacher in your area!

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Dave P.Verified Review

Steve is a brilliant piano teacher. Our 7yr old daughter loves the lessons and is really coming on. Dave SW16


Ruby Music School

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Walid A.Verified Review

Really really happy with the service provided. RMS has found the perfect teacher for me and my first experience with Violin was as great as I expected it to be. They are very quick in finding the right teacher for you and they are all very nice people. Definitely recommend!


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Excellent. Have been attending A to get G Music in Sutton, Surrey for 5 months. Found them to be totally professional, friendly, helpful. Above all extremely good at the service they provide. Thoroughly recommend. K. Seems


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Very clear lessons and a great learning method. In only a month, he made me progress so much in terms of solfege and piano.


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Anoushka K.Verified Review

Lessons with Claude have been an absolute joy and I look forward to them every week. He's extremely dedicated, enthusiastic and overall an outstanding teacher. I have learnt a lot over a short period of time and have developed valuable skills that I can continue to use in the far future.


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Amazing teacher! and amazing service! One of the best teacher's I've had in a long while! Mr. Joseph, is friendly, welcoming and always pushes you to do better.

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