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How much do boxing lessons cost?

Jul 24, 2018

Boxing, both as a form of exercise or as a hobby, is a great sport for anyone at any skill level. It truly is an activity anyone can pick up. There’s no expectation to go pro with boxing. You can simply use it as a full-body workout that also increases your strength.

Your goals will influence the overall cost of your lessons, such as how long you train for and who you train with. But there are other factors that can cause the cost for your lessons to vary, which are discussed in further detail below.


Before you lace up your gloves to start your lessons, you’ll want to make sure you are going to enjoy them! Although there is no guarantee you’ll love boxing, you can do a bit of work to sift through the options and find the right instruction. There are a few things you’ll want to consider first. This allows you to select the right instruction to find your perfect lesson structure.


Boxing lessons provide a way for you to reach your goals, no matter what those might be. Setting aside time both to learn and practice a new skill is vital in your journey to reach boxing proficiency.

But first, think about what’s drawn you to boxing. Boxing is a great choice for general fitness, and it’s fun too! Perhaps you are an amateur boxer looking to improve your skills: endurance, coordination, technique, or punching power! Lessons help you hone your abilities and prepare you for competitions.

Or you may have heard that boxing is a great way to get fit. It even boosts your confidence and is a fun way to relieve stress. Plus, it teaches you important self defence skills that you can use in case you are ever in a dangerous situation. All of these are great goals that you can achieve with the right boxing lessons.

Class Size

Most of the time, you will be choosing between private or one to one boxing lessons, or group lessons. Each has its own benefits, such as private lessons offering one-to-one time with your instructor. This is a highly popular type.

Large or small group lessons are also a great choice, especially if you are just starting out. You’ll be able to work on perfecting your new skills with others in the class. With lots of fellow students, there will be a wide range of abilities that you can work with to become an expert at anticipating — or landing — a hit.

Of course, you can also join a small class and really get to know the others learning to box with you. This creates some great relationships and a very enjoyable session!

But did you know that boxing can be a great activity for couples? Not only will you learn something new, you’ll also grow closer as you spend this time together. It’s a unique way to spend date night, so why not give it a try!

Frequency of Lessons

Most boxing lessons are set up for a session running over several weeks. But depending on what your end goal is, this length may vary. You may also find that you love the sport and want to continue indefinitely!

Generally, you’ll want to visit the gym for boxing lessons at least once a week to start. This gives you enough exposure to the teaching with the time to practice what you’ve learned to grow in skill. But you may need to bump up your routine to reach time-sensitive goals, such as preparing for a tournament. Tell your instructor about your goals to work out the best option and schedule together. You can take lessons a few times a week or even as often as every day.  


Boxing lessons are usually about one hour in length. In the beginning, your boxing lessons may feature less time in physical activity, at least while you are learning the proper way to hold your body and hands. Perfecting your technique will take some time, so it’s great to have the time to work through it without rushing. Your instructor will be able to watch you to correct any mistakes so you learn properly.

If you think an hour isn’t enough time, wait until you have your first class. You will work up a sweat in boxing no matter how long you are out there! But if you still aren’t satisfied, you can speak with your instructor to create a custom lesson plan that is as long — or as short — as you need.  

Instructor’s Experience

You’ll want to ensure the person leading your lessons is trained and qualified. But what are you looking for?

First, check that your instructor is registered as a boxing coach and has achieved training levels by taking courses and classes to prepare them for teaching. This ensures that the quality of instruction you receive is up to standards and correct. You may also wish to check that they are certified and suitable to work as a teacher.

Some boxing instructors have even competed professionally! They may operate out of a boxing gym and are teaching as they gain their qualifications. This is a great way to work with someone and gain the benefit of their knowledge.

Student’s Experience

No experience? No problem! Lessons are a perfect choice to learn how to box, no matter where you are starting from. An experienced instructor can teach you the basics, such as proper posture and the correct way to hold your hands.

You’ll also benefit from lessons even if you already have some idea of what to do inside the ring. So whether you’ve had one or two years of experience or more, honing your skills is still important.

Make sure to advise your boxing coach of any experience. This turns your lessons into the perfect fit, challenging you and allowing your skills to grow.


Picture your perfect boxing lesson. Are you in the comfort of your own home in a space like your garage, basement, or a spare room dedicated to the pursuit of fitness? Perhaps you see yourself going to a boxing studio to take advantage of the range of equipment, such as heavy bags and strike pads. This is a great choice for training in group lessons. You can also choose a gym to transition from your boxing class to a machines and equipment to help you work out the rest of your body.  

Knowing where you want to train will help you choose the right type of instruction. Keep in mind that having a boxing instructor come to your location may cost a little more because of travel considerations. It is more convenient for you, so it may be worth it!


Boxing is a great skill that provides an excellent full-body workout that can also help you in your everyday life! We’re sure you’re convinced that boxing is for you, and now you know exactly what you want your lessons to look like! All it takes now is to contact a boxing coach and get started.

But how do you know where to start that search? Let Bidvine do the work for you! Just answer a few questions about what your dream lessons look like. We’ll search and find you local boxing instructors who are ready to get you started.

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(29 reviews)

11 hires on Bidvine

Tipton, West Midlands DY4 9SR

Carl C.Verified Review

Excellent service. Communicated well before the appointment and service was excellent would highly recommend.



(24 reviews)

21 hires on Bidvine

East Dulwich, South East London SE22 9NH

Mark S.Verified Review

I've had 3 sessions with Carter and Anthony at EDPT so far and it seems to be going well. They push hard and after each session, I've felt like I really pushed myself. They focus on good technique first and foremost so that you are exercising correctly and safely and I look forward to the result moving forward.



(23 reviews)

8 hires on Bidvine

Copse Hill, South West London SW20 0AA

Shahnur I.Verified Review

After working with Mo for over a month. I have to say it's been a pleasure and it hasn't felt like a chore at all . Which I tend to find when usually trying to exercise. I initially had a free taster session with him. We discussed my goals and I felt very reassured he could help me get in shape for my wedding in 6 months. After one month of 8 sessions with a simple nutrition plan to follow., I lost 8kg! So glad I signed up, I needed a kick up the butt and I am confident I'll be looking good for my wedding!


Youth Personal Training

(22 reviews)

24 hires on Bidvine

Lower Holloway, North London N7 7NL

William D.Verified Review

Sounds like an amazing trainer cant wait him to train my son, faster reply would be perfect.


Jay Personal Trainer

(22 reviews)

4 hires on Bidvine

Southgate, North London N14 6AA

Derrick M.Verified Review

So i started with Jay earlier on in the year and i have seen a massive change in my body and in my attitude towards exercising and eating. His enthusiasm is fantastic and my strength for my job has increased at least 80%. He pushes me to the point where i think i should stop but says “keep pushing” and you end up doing those extra two more reps you thought you couldn’t do. I highly rrcommend Jay as a personal trainer he has the experience practical and theoretical to get you to any stage you want in fitness and to reach your goals and beyond. He has done me the world of good from all points of view. Derrick


Physical Excellence

(21 reviews)

15 hires on Bidvine

Bethnal Green, East London E2 0JE

Tammara G.Verified Review

Ebou made me instantly feel at ease! I was nervous all day. He gave me the confidence to push myself the extra mile. The best person training session I’ve ever had and I couldn’t recommend him more!!

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