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How much do event bouncer services cost?

Aug 01, 2018

You’re busy planning your big event and coordinating your venue, caterers, and decorations. But during the event itself, how are you going to make sure your event is perfect? This is when hiring a bouncer comes in handy.

This service can add a level of professionalism to your event. Your bouncer can dress to suit the theme and keep it classy. Their presence will ensure that you don’t have to worry about any disturbances interrupting the event for your guests!

The cost of hiring bouncer services can vary, depending on the time of day, the type of event as well as other factors. We’ve outlined a few things to consider below so you know what to expect before you hire.


Your bouncer should fit in well with your event and provide the service that you need. To make sure you have someone on hand who will make your event run smoothly, you’ll want to first figure out exactly who you are looking for. Consider what your event will look like and where it will be to determine the type of security services you need to hire. This will ensure your search helps you find the right bouncer!

Type of Event

There are many different kinds of events that can benefit from the help of a bouncer. After all, you want everything to run smoothly without any problems! You could be hosting a music concert. A bouncer can keep your onstage artists from being overwhelmed by the crowds. Their presence keeps everyone safe and ready to enjoy the event.

They can also help with a prom or school dance. Since many of the guests will be minors, their care is of utmost concern. Bouncers can make sure that everyone is staying safe.

Then again, perhaps you are hosting a party, such as a birthday party, at a venue. You’ll only want your invited guests in attendance. A bouncer is sure to help you with this.

Bouncers are also useful for corporate or civic events. Since some areas may need to be cordoned off to help guide your guests, having a bouncer on hand will keep everything running smoothly. This is especially true if you have lineups for panels or sessions within your larger event.

Then, their presence is also helpful in any situation where large crowds will be in attendance such as a grand opening for a new store or special event.


Events held in public places often mean a bouncer is required to make sure guests feel safe during the celebration. A bouncer can ensure that only those invited gain access to the venue.

Corporate events held in an office building or school may require certain areas to be cordoned off and kept from public access. To guide guests to the event space and prevent them from accessing these areas, hire a bouncer!

Bouncers are also helpful at ticketed events like concert halls to keep things organized. They can ensure that your guests are guided to and remain in the right space. In additions to this, bouncers also keep outsiders from entering the event space. This can be helpful when hosting an event in a hotel conference room or ballroom. Bouncers will ensure that guests are guided to the proper areas without the need for partitions or other unsightly separations.

Mall events can attract large crowds. The wide open spaces in atriums and foyers can be difficult to maintain order in, so a bouncer can help keep things organized and running smoothly. This is especially important if your event involves celebrities or other well-known persons that could draw a large crowd of interested participants.

Type of Security Services

Different events may require different types of security services. Keep your event in mind when you think about the type of services you need to find the right bouncer. Event security provides you with peace of mind. You’ll know that disturbances will be reduced, your guests are safe, and uninvited participants are prevented from crashing the party. This can run from a single bouncer to multiple persons helping secure your event.

Site security is common on building sites as well to keep the tools and equipment secure. This will help with loss prevention and meet standards for audits. It also ensures that only your staff are able to access the site for work. This, combined with 24/7 response service, can keep everything running smoothly. You may also want to hire a bouncer for a roving patrol that ensures your site or the location of your event is kept secure.

You can also enlist a bouncer for bodyguard services as you are out and about and needing a bit of specialized care. You don’t have to be a celebrity to be worried about your wellbeing! So hire a bouncer for these protective services.


You will want to have a bouncer for the full duration of your event as well as time to have your guests arrive and leave. As soon as you open your doors to the public, you’ll want your bouncer on hand.

You can estimate the length of your event to help determine how long you’ll need your bouncer for if you aren’t sure. Communicate to your bouncer so they are ready to stay until everyone is gone. This ensures your guests have departed safely!

Keep in mind you may want them to arrive early and wait until all of your guests are gone! Add at least another hour to your event’s timeline to cover this portion.


Search for a bouncer who has experience with your type of event. This will prepare them for dealing with the crowds of people and defining the limits of your event space. If this is the first event you have planned that requires a bouncer, you may need a bit of help. An experienced bouncer will know what to do to keep things calm and moving smoothly. This can help you feel confident that your event will be seamless.

You can look up your bouncer or service online to see if there are reviews. This information can help you determine if the bouncer is a good fit for your event. You’ll find out about their professionalism, demeanour, and ability to handle a crowd to make an informed decision.


When you begin your search for a bouncer, look for someone close to the location of your event. This will ensure that their rates are in line with what you are expecting thanks to a shared cost of living. They will also know the area well and can use their expertise to help you keep your event flowing smoothly.

Comparison of Popular Event Services

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Event Service
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Having a bouncer is the best way to run a perfect event. It takes a lot of the worry of the unexpected away as you can rest easy knowing your professional is there to manage any interruptions and prevent disturbances.

Looking for a great bouncer for your next event? Let us help you find trusted local professionals to help. Submit a free request and get bids from event bouncers in your area. Make your event one to remember!

Bouncers near you


iDO Security Services Ltd

(5 reviews)

West Ham, East London E13 8PS

Elene C.

"I love working with your team, they were professional, polite and helpful. I can clearly see that you run a tight ship and have a high level of competency with your extremely experienced staff." Helen Chapo | BBC Line Producer


MCM Security

(2 reviews)

4 hires on Bidvine

Lower Morden, South West London SM4 4PF

Lyam C.

Very professional staff and all staff are very friendly when approached and are very knowledgeable about the area in which they are working in.. would totally recoomend them to anyone looking for security for events


Interlink Security Solutions

(2 reviews)

Lewisham, South East London SE13 6AY

Olayi. A.

Very professional and outstanding service


MHH Security Ltd

(1 review)

3 hires on Bidvine

Birmingham, West Midlands B11 2AA


OUR SERVICES Our team are dedicated to exceptional customer service with a strong emphasis placed on transparency, responsibility and accountability in all circumstances. Our security services include the following: Our services include Door Supervision – We cover various venues e.g bars, clubs, pubs, private parties, football matches etc Close Protection – Private clients e.g footballers, MP’s etc Event Management - Covering various UK events such as, Bham Pride, Good Friday march, Moseley folk festival and jazz festival etc Retail Security – Shops, malls, shopping centres, boutiques, markets etc Concierge – Reception management


Goldengate Security

(1 review)

2 hires on Bidvine

Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 3LS


Providing you with safety is more than just a job to the team at Goldengate Security. Here, we take great pride in providing an outstanding service and ensuring our customers feel safe and secure at all times. Professional and fully licensed, we supply SIA licensed staff to venues across the UK . Our full range of safety and security services includes body guarding static security, as well as mobile patrol officers, door supervisors and 24/7 alarms call-outs. We also provide event security, property security, vacation security and more ensuring your property or venue is constantly safe and giving you valuable peace of mind. Offering an outstanding service is our core aim and the positive reviews we receive from our clients makes us immensely proud of what we do. It’s great to know that we’re doing everything we can to keep our clients safe, secure and happy. If you are looking for a competent and responsible security firm, please get in touch to discover more about our efficient services.


Vistar Security

(1 review)

1 hire on Bidvine

Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 0RT

Richard F.

In the past six years we went through four security companies until VISTAR took over, we use them primarily for door security but have also general security at times! Owain with his personal approach of listening and direct hands on approach of managing his team and solving problems has rendered stability in our business over the past year and a half. Not only are our staff now used to the great service of enjoying the venue without threats but so are my staff! The VISTAR boys and girls are now very much part of the staff team! All round how can we as business owners more than recommend Owain and his company! Give us a call on 01373 465 045 ask for Richard.

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