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How much does boiler repair or maintenance cost?

Sep 11, 2019

The average cost for boiler repair in the UK is £80 to £150. This rate may vary depending on the extent of the repair work, type of boiler and experience of the technician. To learn more about the impact these factors play in boiler repair costs keep reading below!

Boiler Repair and Maintenance Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£80
UK National Maximum Cost£150
UK National Average Cost£100
Average Range£80 - £150

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What do Boilers do?

Your boiler is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. It’s among the oldest ways to heat a home. If you’ve got some kind of central heating system or HVAC in your house, you likely have a boiler too. They are used to heat water and turn that hot water into heating for your home. That’s why you want to keep it running properly.

Boilers are tough and durable, but every so often they need some kind of maintenance or repair. If you have a burst pipe or another water boiler problem, it could be time to call in the plumbers. Here’s a breakdown of how much boiler repair services can cost.


Several things can affect the cost of boiler repair, which we've outlined below for your convenience.

Type of Boiler – Is Your Boiler - Electrical, Oil, Propane, or Natural Gas?

The kind of boiler that you have heating your home is going to affect the overall cost of having it maintained, serviced, and repaired. Oil boilers, unlike gas and fuel boilers, generally have higher installation costs and service costs and may cost more to run as well.

Reason for Repair

Different repair jobs have different costs associated with them. What kind of problem you are having with your boiler can determine how much it costs to repair. Minor repairs will naturally cost less than major repairs or even replacing the boiler completely. For instance, something such as replacing an air pressure switch or timer costs will take less time and so cost less. Then, on the other hand, a larger project like replacing heat exchangers and diverter valves can be more costly.

Regular Maintenance

If you regularly maintain your boiler then you can keep the costs of repairing it down. Getting the boiler inspected and cleaned once a year is a great way to keep down repair costs because it helps to prevent problems from occurring and can notify you of things that need to be replaced and repaired. Many boiler repair companies offer discounts if you have an inspection but still run into problems down the line.


How long the repair takes to complete will affect how much it costs. There are two main kinds of boiler repair; fixed price and time-based repairs. Fixed price repairs involve paying one lump total for the boiler repair. The quote for the job includes the cost of the parts and the labour, as well as an estimated cost of the time it’ll take.

For a time-based repair, you are charged based on how long the boiler repair job takes. The longer repairs take, the more you are charged for hiring the boiler repair engineer.

How your professional choose to charge, whether a flat-rate or hourly rate will depend on their preferences. Be sure to discuss this ahead of time so everyone is on the same page allowing the project to flow more smoothly.

Experience of Boiler Repair Expert

Hiring a professional with experience who has the required qualifications to work with boilers is well worth the price. It can save you a lot of money on future mistakes and repairs. To find a boiler repair expert that you feel confident will do the job right, take a look at the description on their Bidvine profile as well as their reviews. You can also ask them about their certifications to get further clarification about their skills and expertise.


Your actual physical location can affect the cost of repairs. Boiler engineers will charge different rates depending on where you are located. For example, London boiler repair tends to cost much more than boiler repair in other areas. The costs of boiler repair tend to be much higher in larger cities. By hiring a local boiler technician you will already be familiar with the cost-of-living and their rates.

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Boiler repairs and maintenance are essential to ensure that your boiler continues to operate correctly and efficiently. If your boiler is showing any signs that it may be in need of repair start looking for a professional boiler technician asap!

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