10 Ways to Improve Your Body and Spirit by Practising Yoga

Many people have been advocating for the benefits of yoga and its spin-offs for decades. What exactly are these benefits?

For those looking in, it may seem like little more than stretching and light exercise. It actually has incredible advantages that improve mental and physical health.

We’ve collected the top ten mental and physical benefits of yoga. If you’re looking to get started, hire a local, trusted instructor on Bidvine.

1. Mind Training

The first thing you’ll notice when you take a yoga class is that your mind will wander. This is the perfect time to train your mind and to practice some behavioural therapy.

If your mind wanders to negativity, try breaking the cycle by evaluating your thoughts. Come up with ways to make meaningful change by resolving issues step-by-step.

2. Self-Awareness

The peace and tranquillity allow you to reflect on your own personality. It will also give you the opportunity to think about situations you’ve recently handled. Use the time to think about positive actions you can take in the future.

We rarely have time for this type of soul searching but with yoga, you can improve your body and mind.

10 Ways to Improve Your Body and Spirit by Practising Yoga - Ecuador

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3. Muscle Therapy

Muscles you haven’t used in a long time will come back to life. Those you use on a regular basis will receive some much-needed TLC.

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4. Increased Flexibility

You’ll find that when reaching for something behind you, you no longer crack your neck. Chronic pains can even decrease or disappear. Your flexibility will improve, making everyday tasks easier.

5. Enhanced Respiratory Function

The breathing techniques in yoga train you to maximise oxygen input to your lungs. This leads to enhanced respiratory function.

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6. Improved Memory

Yoga is fabulous for improving memory, due to the natural cleansing of the mind it promotes.

7. Reduced Risk of Degenerative Diseases

The effects of yoga benefit the whole body from the heart to the lungs and the muscles too.

Your improved health will also slow down the ageing process. It can also reduce the risk of degenerative diseases as you keep your muscles and mind active.

10 Ways to Improve Your Body and Spirit by Practising Yoga

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8. Weight Stability

Yoga doesn’t burn as many calories as cardiovascular exercise. Still, it aids weight management and helps you to maintain a healthy weight.

9. Pain Relief

Yoga is a natural pain reliever.

The stretches and poses deliver more oxygen to your muscles. In turn, this aids your body’s natural defences while releasing pain-relieving endorphins.

10. Normalising Blood Pressure

Yoga is a brilliant tool for stress relief. It calms the mind and regulates the breathing. This makes it a wonderful activity for normalising blood pressure.

These are just some of the benefits of yoga, and there are much more. The best way to discover these is to try it for yourself!

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