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Many people take up yoga in hopes that it will help them lose weight, but it’s important to focus on the true purpose of yoga. As you’ll learn in this pro post, yoga is about more than becoming physically fit. It’s about being self-aware and having a deep connection between your mind and body.

For her pro post, Bidvine yoga teacher Ana Maria Conneely shared her advice for those who are looking to practice yoga to lose weight. She answers one of the age old questions, “will practising yoga help me lose weight?”

Read on to learn Ana’s perspective on practising yoga and the important of creating a connection between your mind and body. If you’d like to hire Ana, check out her profile at the end of the post and submit a free request!

Yoga is a holistic practice which can enable the practitioner to enjoy a deeper mind-body connection.

It helps to improve mobility, flexibility and strength. This can lead towards a person’s sense of moving with more buoyancy, ease and without pain in their daily lives.

Yoga can promote a strong desire to take better care of one’s body as the practitioner becomes more dedicated to regular practice.

It is so much more than just the physical practice, it is about a lifestyle that encourages more conscious self-awareness. This can, in turn, manifest a desire to make more informed decisions about the kind of food we put into our bodies. It can perhaps encourage us to make healthier choices in order to feel our best. A side effect of this can potentially be weight loss.

Can practising yoga help me lose weight?

There are some yoga classes out there which promote weight loss as a benefit. Hot yoga is often advertised as being most beneficial for this. Just be careful it’s not fluids you are losing rather than pounds. Stay hydrated before and after class.

I recommend speaking with your instructor to create a practice which works best with your body and your needs. I suggest discussing with your instructor the diet and lifestyle changes you can make to create a sustainable lifestyle change.  If you’re curious, I am always very happy to speak with my students about any of these things.

Feeling confident in your amazing body in order to feel like a better version of yourself each day is the ultimate goal.

Will Practising Yoga Help Me Lose Weight? - Pro PostAna Maria Conneely, Yoga Teacher
Yoga Ana
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Thank you to Ana for sharing her advice for future yogis! We enjoyed learning about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and self-awareness. Hopefully, your yoga training will help you be more aware of your body and health!

Ana is based in South East London and offers her services in the surrounding area. In addition to yoga lessons, Ana offers massage therapy and nutrition counselling. Check out her profile to learn more and to submit a free request! You’ll receive custom bids from local yoga teachers like Ana.

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Are you looking to lose weight and get fit this year? This post from a Bidvine pro will let you know if practising yoga can help you lose weight!

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