Yoga in The Workplace – Find a Positive Work Life Balance

Yoga is an ancient practice which has countless modern-day benefits. So it’s no wonder that yoga in the workplace, also known as office yoga, is becoming more popular.
In 2017, the UK’s Health and Safety Executive determined that 12.5 million working days were ‘lost’ as a result of stress, anxiety, and depression. Yoga for the workplace helps to counteract this pressure, bring a health-conscious mindset to the office.
In this article, we unravel just how office yoga can benefit you, and your co-workers throughout the workday.

Office Yoga

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Why Yoga?

There are countless different styles of yoga including those that incorporate meditation, breathing techniques, relaxation, and postures. There are many physical and mental benefits of yoga as well.
The physical benefits of yoga include:

  1. Better flexibility
  2. An increased strength
  3. An increased stamina
  4. An improved sense of balance
  5. An improved body alignment

The mental benefits of yoga include:

  1. Helpful in reducing stress
  2. Better sleeping cycles
  3. A self-confidence boost
  4. Relaxed mind
  5. Complete body awareness

Where to Practise Yoga in The Workplace

Yoga in the workplace offers office works a unique opportunity to decrease their stress and refresh their mind through exercise. There are several different options on how to practise yoga in the workplace too.
If there is extra space in the office, a small area can easily be set up to allow office workers to unroll their yoga mats and stretch it out. This doesn’t have to take up a permanent space either. As soon as the office yoga class is over, everyone can roll up their mats, leaving the space exactly as it was before so that there’s no inconvenience due to space.
Office Yoga

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Simple yoga stretches and mindful breathing techniques can also be done at your desk. Simply choose which exercises suit your goals the best and begin!
Whether you practise yoga at your desk or take part in an office yoga session, yoga is a great way to improve your day. Check out the next section to learn about specific benefits of yoga in the workplace.

Benefits of Workplace Yoga

Public Health England recommends that at least 2 days a week should be spent practising strengthening exercises like yoga. They further noted that those who engaged in regular physical activity 30% less likely to experience depression and 40% less likely to get type 2 diabetes leading to better overall health.
Practising yoga can also improve your productivity as well. Check out the list below to find out about 6 of the top benefits of office yoga.

1. Lower Stress

The workplace or office can be stressful. The pressure of deadlines, and workload stress, all while trying to balance your personal and professional life can be a lot.

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Taking time to engage in mindful breathing exercises and stretch through yoga poses can help balance out this stress leading to a more positive outlook about work.

2. Improved Focus

Yoga can also help improve your focus at work. After recharging with some yoga stretches, you’ll feel less distracted and ready to focus. This can help you find creative solutions to work projects and be more productive throughout the day.

3. Better Posture

Yoga poses can help you properly align your posture. Working continuously at a computer can have a negative impact on your posture over time. Practising yoga at work can help you correct your posture, which can also help with back pain.

4. Boost Your Confidence at Work

It can also help you boost your confidence as you learn new postures and skills. Then, you can take this to your work and confidently present projects you’ve worked on.
Laura Farrington

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5. Team Building

Get set for team building with yoga. Yoga is a great way for the co-workers to interact with each other. This can boost morale and create a more cohesive team mindset and work ethic.

6. Refresh and Increase Your Energy

Finding that your energy slumps in the middle of the day? Rediscover your energy with yoga at work. After a yoga session, you and your co-workers will feel more energetic and ready to tackle the work ahead in an efficient manner.


Yoga in the workplace can create a positive work environment for everyone in the office. Happy employees will work more efficiently, discover confidence to complete projects and solve problems creatively, which will, in turn, help the company too!
The best part is that unlike other forms of physical activity, yoga doesn’t take up a lot of space. This means that all you need is a spare room and a yoga mat or give desk-yoga a go right from your spot in the office.

Guest Author Bio: Laura Farrington

“I have been there, experienced first-hand the daily pressure and felt the affects of work stress and fatigue. Laura Farrington I believe that incorporating yoga and mindfulness into the work environment will alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, being “hyper connected” multi-tasking and overall low morale!”
Before Laura became a teacher at Irish Yoga Girl, she worked for a large mobile telecommunications company in a high-performing team of Account Managers. Her experience with office-related stress, burnout, and fatigue inspired her to start yoga as a way to increase mindfulness and create a positive work-life balance.
Motivated by her passion for yoga, she travelled to India, the birthplace of yoga, where she studied to become a Yoga mindfulness teacher and coach. Laura is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher and completed her YTT 200hrs under the teaching of Prashantj Yoga who is a renowned Yoga master. She has also completed courses with the Southern Yogi, Noah Maze and Patrick Beach and is a big advocate of transcendental and mantra Meditation.
Today, Laura routinely works with medium to large companies to introduce their employees to yoga. In these classes, she aims to teach stress management techniques to her clients that will empower them to take care of their mind and body.
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