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It can be overwhelming to decide between the different types of yoga classes if you’re just starting out. How do you decide between Flow, Rocket, Hatha, or Yin classes? If you’re unsure of which style of yoga you’d like to practice, let this pro post be your guide!

The team over at Omega Movement shared their insights on what yoga is, its benefits, and what you can expect in yoga classes. So, wonder no more which type of yoga you’ll enjoy, as we have the inside scoop on the major yoga techniques.

Read on to learn a bit about yoga, the benefits of yoga, and what you can expect when you take a yoga class!

What is yoga?

The types of yoga normally found in a studio or gym (Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Flow, Power, Yin) focus on the physical practice of asana (postures).

These postures are practised with mental awareness and are propelled by, and synchronised with, the breath. The practice has a plethora of physical benefits and also can have a positive impact on the mind and emotions too.

The benefits of yoga

A regular yoga practice can increase fitness, strength, flexibility, lung capacity as well as improve posture and all round well-being. Its impact on the nervous system can help move out of ‘fight or flight’ mode and into ‘rest and digest’. Yoga can also help cultivate mental peace, reduce stress and facilitate meditation.

Yoga empowers you, whether you are looking to embark on a spiritual journey, to improve your health, or to build strength and flexibility. By reawakening the connections between the body, mind and breath, a regular yoga practice can assist you in a multitude of desired transformations. From the physical to the mental or emotional, yoga can help any aspect of your wellbeing. It is for everybody.

What to expect in yoga classes

Many people avoid trying yoga because they do not perceive themselves as ‘flexible’ enough. The truth is that few yoga practitioners start out being flexible – they became flexible by practising yoga!

In yoga classes, you will be encouraged to approach your body with compassion and optimism. Your teacher will also inspire you to try new movements and poses, observing how these movements make you feel.

The idea is that the teacher can create and hold a space for you but you are in the driving seat of your yoga practice. If something doesn’t feel good – no one will force you to do it!

In a Vinyasa Flow class

During a flow class, you will be led through sequences of fluid movements that are synchronised with your breath, designed to create gentle heat and to harmonise the breath, body and mind.

In a Rocket, Power, Ashtanga class

You will be led through dynamic, heat building sequences that can be challenging, raise your heart rate and work up a sweat!

In a traditional Hatha class

You will move through poses at a more moderate pace.

In a Yin class

You will hold poses for longer periods of time, anywhere from 3-10 minutes! This practice works to develop flexibility and reminds us of the importance of slowing down and releasing.

What You Should Expect in Different Yoga Classes - Pro PostOmega Movement Ltd.
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We’d like to thank the team at Omega Movement for sharing their insight on the different types of yoga classes. We hope you learned something from this post, as we know we did!

Omega Movement is based in East London, near Hackney Wick. They offer group yoga classes in the area, as well as private and corporate yoga classes throughout London. If you live or work in London, ask about their offerings and start working on your yoga skills!

If you’d like to hire a yoga teacher from Omega Movement, you can do so via the button below. Just click through to check out their profile and look at their photos. Then, submit a free request for yoga lessons directly on their profile. You’ll get custom bids from local yoga teachers who are ready to help you.

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Are you wondering what you'll experience in different yoga classes? If you are, this pro post is for you. Learn about Yin, Hatha, Rocket, and Vinyasa Flow!

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