What is Rocket Yoga?

Yoga is a versatile exercise with different styles each having unique mental and physical benefits. Rocket Yoga, one of these popular styles has gained even more momentum in recent years!

With roots stemming from Ashtanga yoga, Rocket Yoga is a simple yet dynamic form of Ashtanga that consists of a series of balancing seated and standing poses as well as inversions. The brainchild of an American yoga teacher Larry Schultz, Rocket Yoga owes its name to a member of Grateful Dead, Bob Weir, who called it Rocket because it gets you feeling fit faster.

The Benefits of Rocket Yoga

Rocket Yoga’s flowing movements will help burn calories and boost your metabolism resulting in a toned and fit physique. Plus some other great benefits of Rocket Yoga include:

  • Enhances overall flexibility
  • Improves concentration and focus  
  • Better strength and balance
  • Promotes joint health
  • Soothes the nervous system 
  • Stimulates digestion 

The Science of Repetition

Rocket Yoga follows a system of sequences where the basic rule is repetition. Practice makes perfect and repetition builds core strength, opens up the body, and sets you up for fun yet challenging inversions. 

The sequences are practised on different days of the week so the body’s different muscle groups are activated creating a safe and balanced way of building strength.

Rocket Yoga Sequences

Rocket 1: Inspired by the primary series of Ashtanga yoga, this sequence is 90 minutes long and starts with a Sun Salutation (A & B) that activates and warms up the body for a super-charged session that strengthens the upper body and legs.

Rocket 2: Based on the Intermediate Series from Ashtanga, this long sequence also spans 90 minutes and uses arm balances, core, and back-bends.

Rocket 3: Another 90-minute sequence, this blends elements of Rocket 1 and 2 to raise endurance levels even further.

Bottle Rocket: This is a condensed sequence of roughly an hour featuring less intense poses.

Rocket Yoga Poses

There are many poses associated with Rocket Yoga. Here a few advanced Rocket Yoga Poses you can learn with the guidance of a yoga instructor.

Note: As these moves are especially challenging they should always be done in the presence of an instructor for safety.

Astavakrasana or Eight-Angle Pose

Named after a sage, this pose is also referred to as the Eight-angle pose. ‘Asta’ means eight and ‘vakra’ signifies bent. This pose demands fierce concentration to twist and achieve an equilibrium using opposite forces. While the wrists bear the brunt of your weight, strong shoulder work and abs are required to perform this pose and it’s also great to tone the thighs.

Bakasana, The Crane, or Crow Pose

The Crane is a symbol of longevity, happiness, and youthfulness and the arm-balancing Bakasana embodies it all. Also called the Crow pose, this pose elevates your spirit and enhances your sense of balance while making you feel much lighter. As your endurance increases, your flexibility and stability intensify resulting in stronger forearms, wrists, and core.  

Salamba Sirasana, or Headstand

Headstands can be daunting and even slightly disorienting for a while but by reversing your relationship to gravity, you have a new perspective – quite literally! Often regarded as the King of Asanas (poses), Salamba Sirasana is a full-body workout that forces you to embrace courage and let go of fears as you enter a full state of focus.

It’s all about balance and alignment and benefits include strengthening the spine, improving circulation, boosting the immune system as well as enhancing overall coordination.

Things to Consider When Getting Started With Rocket Yoga

Focus on Your Yoga Practice

Rocket Yoga isn’t a competition, so it’s best to focus on your yoga practice. Everyone has their own pace so listen to your body and learn to trust your instincts.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t be disheartened if you can’t complete a pose today. Becoming proficient with a pose doesn’t happen overnight but takes plenty of practice and yes, patience!

Listen to Your Instructor’s Insight

Follow the cues if your teacher offers a modification more suited for your current abilities and pace. While challenging, Rocket Yoga is all about tapping into your inner potential so don’t hesitate to accept any helpful improvisations that will gradually and safely improve your stability and focus. 

Remember to Breathe

By merging breath with movement, you harness the energy that enables you to flow with the poses.

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