10 Fun Wet Room Ideas to Refresh Your Bathroom in 2018

Whether you have one bathroom or several, these rooms see a lot of use. This can lead to some wear and tear that makes it look less than its best. So, it could be time for a brand new look for this space, one that requires more than just a coat of paint. In this article we cover 10 fun wet room ideas to help you refresh your bathroom!
A wet room is an extremely functional approach to a shower space. It will add a contemporary look that updates your style and can also help improve the value of your home. Of course, the best part of these rooms is that they are watertight and reduce maintenance and cleaning requirements.

Regardless of its style, a wet room makes a statement. Basically, a wet room is a bathroom with tile on both the floor and walls. This makes it watertight for the ultimate convenience. This will help you save space and expense because a fully sealed space reduces the need for shower curtains or screens. Generally, a wet room forgoes the bathtub for an efficient, tidy space that makes your morning routine a simple one. If this sounds like something you’d like, read on for 10 great ways to incorporate a wet room in your home!

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11 Wet Room Ideas You Can Try

Create An Oasis

With a waterfall shower head, you can create a luxurious showering experience in your new wet room. Some of these shower heads allow you to choose how much water comes down and how quickly. You will be able to choose from a wall-mount or a ceiling-mount fixture, but make sure to choose one that extends far enough from the wall that you can stand under it comfortably. This way, you can step under the cascading water and let your worries wash away.
Your wet room may offer a larger space to move around in during your shower time. This will allow you to step under the spray easily and take advantage of the shower head’s water pressure. Let the steam build up to feel like you are on a tropical island!

Wet Room Ideas For Shower Storage

Wet room ideas aren’t just limited to the style of your bathroom, they can help you optimise storage too!
No shower is complete without the necessary soaps and shampoos to make you smell and feel great. But these items can take up a lot of space in your shower or bath. And if you choose a contemporary style for your wet room, you may give up the ledges where you’ve been storing the necessities!
While you can certainly pick up a shower caddy to create a space for storage, this can destroy the sleek lines of your bathroom. Instead, build storage into your shower! When you set up your wet room, set a cubby right into your wall. Then, you’ll be able to store shampoos and soaps as you need. Just make sure it’s part of the plan so it gets built properly.

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The Best of Both Worlds

If you have the space, why not install both a shower and a bath in your wet room? You can pair the convenience of your shower along with the relaxation of a bath. Separate this area from the toilet and sink with a glass wall. This will help to create two usable spaces and give you the ability to use both parts of the room at the same time.
This does take up more space, so it may not be a good choice for smaller homes where you’re pressed for space. It is a great option when you want the freedom of choice. You can combine some old-world touches like a clawfoot tub and retro tile to offset the modernity of a wet room for the perfect blend.

Hidden Function

Since it’s watertight, the wet room is worry-free and easy to clean. But you may want a little added assurance. If you are concerned about wet spaces in a shared bathroom, you may want to add a bit of extra protection.
Instead of closing off your space with a shower screen, set your shower behind a half wall. This will help direct the overflow of water and, as an added bonus, give you a space for storage! You can tuck towels or shower supplies into this cleverly hidden shelving unit. It will help separate it from the sink add toilet area while still allowing for some privacy with the wall.

Light Up Your Routine

Sometimes, the shower doesn’t have enough natural light. A window in your shower stall isn’t for everyone, especially if you don’t want to put your morning routine on display! This can be a bit of a problem in smaller spaces or bathrooms set into the eaves.
Rather than worrying about lighting above your shower and the electrical troubles that can bring, be creative instead! Take advantage of the layout and install a skylight in the roof above your shower! This will allow you both natural light and your privacy. This can work whether you have a low or high ceiling in your bathroom.

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Two for One Shower

Tight on space, but still after a unique spin on your wet room? Work within the limits of your shower, and add a second shower head. This can make even a small bathroom feel luxurious. It’s like having his and hers shower heads!
Two shower heads would increases the amount of water you receive during a typical shower, allowing you to feel like you’re having a treat as you get clean. This is also a great choice in a long or large shower to fill up the space. Or you can even just enjoy twice as much water on your own.

Take a Seat

Either for mobility or comfort, a seat in your shower can be a great design choice. It can be incorporated into the design of your wet room in the same tiling for a beautiful feature. If you have a window in your shower, why not make it a window seat? Once it’s tiled, it’ll be safe to enjoy the view while you have a wash.
Your seat can also be used as a way to introduce some decor into your shower. Add some candles for some romance or plants for whimsy. Just remember to account for the water of your shower. Artificial plants might be the ticket if it’s directly under the spray!

A Place of Your Own

A wet room gives you an entire room that’s dedicated to getting clean. If you like that idea, but want a bit of the familiar, see about installing a glass wall. This will separate your shower slightly, but without the door, it won’t close it off! This provides some definition but you won’t lose the benefits of your wet room. It’s like a walk in closet for your bathroom!
Using glass will keep the space feeling open and won’t block your sight lines. This can be the perfect compromise if you want an easy to clean wet room but want to protect the sink from the shower’s spray.

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Keep it Clean

By nature, wet rooms are sleek, modern looking spaces. You can pump this up by choosing a clean, stark look with your finishes. An all-white bathroom is sure to impress. Or, choose another colour to rule the space. Stick with colours on the lighter end of the spectrum or from blue, green, or grey ranges. This will help maintain a sense of calm and relaxation in your space.
This doesn’t restrict you to a single colour, of course. With a lighter or darker shade to build up the colour scheme, the room will look unified. Harmony is easy to achieve with the right coordination of colours.

Play with Finishes

Tile comes in many styles and colours. Many wet rooms will use the same tile on the walls as on the floor, but this isn’t a rule. You can shake up even a minimalist styled wet room with an accent on the walls. Try a glass tile in a different shade to balance out your tile. Or go big and bold with a large, colourful tile for all of your surfaces!
Square, rectangular, or subway tile are all popular choices for use in a wet room. But you aren’t limited to these styles. Use a natural stone pebbled tile floor for a bathroom retreat. Vintage black and white tiles are also making a resurgence in popularity. Or set in a patterned tile amidst solids for a uniquely designed floor. You can set your personality into the bathroom with the tiles you choose!

Bring Your Wet Room Ideas to Life

With so many great wet room ideas, you’re sure to find one that works for your bathroom space. No matter whether your bathroom is large or small, whether it’s one you use a lot or one you don’t, you can get a great space. You’ll enjoy that this room is easy to clean and beautiful when you spend time in it each day.
You may even find your wet room lasts longer than a traditional bathroom, thanks to the clever space-saving design!
Ready to embrace the benefit of a wet room for yourself and implement your wet room ideas in your bathroom? Easily find a local professional in your area, and get free cost estimates for installing a wet room in your home!

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