10 Fun Weekend Activities That Won’t Cost a Fortune

Despite the odd plucky daffodil and the torrential rains, we’re still officially in the midst of winter. Traditionally now is the time to batten down our purse strings and tighten the hatches. To help you along, we at Bidvine thought it might be fun to share our favourite ways to beat the winter blues and save a few bucks while we’re at it. Most of these fun weekend activities that won’t cost a fortune are suitable for families, couples, and a groups of friends alike so we didn’t leave anyone out! And some of the actives are great solo as well as with company.

1. Try a jolly good walk. We don’t do this enough, but there really is no better way to enjoy the fresh air and save some money than heading for the nearest park and putting one foot in front of the other. If you could use some inspiration, consult this blog post as a guide.

country walk

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2. Organise a board game night. With the rise of the board game at the moment, we guarantee that someone in your social group or family got one as a Christmas gift. So get the shrink wrap off and get gaming! But if you have no new games to try, dig out one of the old classics that big ones and little ones can enjoy together.

board game night

Image: Skitterphoto

3. Sign up to be an audience member. TV is always looking for audiences and although the majority are filmed in London and other larger cities it’s worth a google to see if there’s a television recording near you. You might end up at an X Factor audition or watching Pointless, and these tickets are always free!

television show audience members

Image: Leweb Photos

4. Try coupon-tastic super scrimper paintball. There are free paintball deals everywhere on the internet right now and usually that means you get 100 free paintballs and then you have to buy more. Sure… they will try to upsell you when you get there, but you can have a lot of fun with a 100 paintballs if you pretend you’re in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and ammo is scarce. You can also try one of the daily deals sites if you want to have a longer game.

paintball game

Image: -Andretti-

5. Enjoy a group pamper night. Once again with Christmas just disappearing over the hill there’s bound to be someone in your family or group that picked up some new pamper potion or book on ancient meditation. So get every one together, dig out the remedies and spoil yourself for a night of pamper and relaxation.

home girls pamper night

Image: eilidh_wag

6. Host your own movie awards night.  January is Oscar season with the awards taking place in February. Now is the perfect time to put together your own short list and present your top 3 considerations to your board of families and friends! Make sure someone brings popcorn!

movie award night

Image: Robert de Bock

7. Cycling. You don’t need to go far just oil up your chain and get out and about.

cycling bicycle

Image: David Marcu

8. Go watch the sun going down. Let’s face it, you don’t need to wait long in January to see a sunset and clear winter skies are the perfect time to take a stunning photograph or even just catch a memory.


Image: Sebastian Pitchler

9. Get historical. There are still plenty of free museums across the UK and there’s no better time to find our more about your heritage as queues are shorter and school trips are less common. If you’d rather go on a historic walk in your area, just print out one of many guides online or pick up a guide book.

Bird Watching

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10. Bird watching. Winter is the best time to see birds as the trees have lost much of their foliage. As frost and snow arrive too birds are often easier to track and again will stand our more. Remember winter is a tough time for birds and any nuts, fruits, worms or berries will be gratefully received. You can often pick up a decent selection of bird food from your average pound store.

bird watching red robin

Image: Jesse Lind

We hope you enjoyed reading our ideas fun weekend activities that won’t cost a fortune! Do you have any ideas you’d like to add? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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