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So, you’ve chosen your dress, photographer, wedding venue, and even your first dance. What’s next?

Well, you should be discussing your options with each pro you’re working with, and figuring out a plan for your big day. Have you thought about visiting your wedding venue with your wedding photographer? You should! It’s important that your photographer knows the ins and outs of your venue before you exchange your vows. That way, they’ll be able to get the best shots of you and your spouse.

In this pro post, from Bidvine pro Edwin Louis, we’ll learn about visiting your wedding venue with your photographer. He suggests that you bring your photographer to your venue to take some test photos before your wedding. That way, your photographer will be able to get great photos of the wedding reception and ceremony on your wedding day.

Read on to learn more about why you need to bring your photographer to your wedding venue ahead of time!

Visiting Your Wedding Venue With Your Photographer

Wedding photos are beautiful, they’re emotional and they will literally last forever. Receiving your images a few days later to find your photographer was taking photos on a Rubix cube isn’t a feeling you want to familiarise yourself with. For this reason, it’s advised to see their work before hand.

In the same way, you don’t want to get to the big day and be frantically running around searching for idyllic scenes. Searching for an area big enough to take photos with the wedding party will only cause you stress.

Bidvine tip: There are many beautiful UK wedding venues available for your big day. If you want to see some examples of amazing wedding venues, check out this post we published on the top wedding venues in London!

Taking Test Photos at Your Wedding Venue

For this reason, I advise you to visit the venue with your photographer and take a few test photos. A good photographer will jump at the chance to get to know the couple a bit before the big day. This informal meeting will smooth out awkward creases, especially in the early hours of the morning when you’re getting ready for your big day in your Winnie the Poo PJ’s, with your hair all over the place and sleep in your eyes! They’ll make you feel relaxed because you know they’re good at what they do.

It’s not a hard sell, you get to see their talents in action as well as securing a good list of photo locations ready for the big day.

You Should Bring Your Photographer to Your Wedding Venue - Pro PostEdwin Louis, Photographer
Edwin Louis Film
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We’d like to thank Edwin for sharing his insights into the importance of visiting your wedding venue with your photographer. We hope you keep his words in mind when you’re discussing your options with your photographer!

Edwin Louis Film is based out of South West London and photographs weddings in Greater London. The team also specialises in branded content, promotional videos, and event photography. To hire Edwin’s team for any of these services, you can submit a request through his profile below!

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Bidvine pro Edwin Louis shared his advice on bringing your wedding photographer to your wedding venue in this pro post. Don't miss his advice!

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