How Much Will Your Wedding Cost? Find Out with Our Wedding Cost Calculator!

Wedding season is well underway so we decided to create a wedding cost calculator to reveal which regions, on average, have the highest and lowest wedding costs. All the data was collected using real quotes from our wedding service providers across the UK.

Unsurprisingly the capital’s average sits at £46,200, more than £17,000 higher than the national average of £29,000.

We’ve also created a calculator that allows members of the public to select variables so they can work out how much their wedding will cost. Such variables include: location, venue, drinks, food, rings, number of guests, number of bridesmaids and ushers, clothing, type of bar, and types of music. It also takes into account any additional extras such as photo booths, type of travel and type of alcohol.

London is the most expensive area to get married in, with an average wedding cost of £46,200. East Midlands is at the bottom of the list with an average wedding cost of £14,400, nearly 68% lower than London.

Prices for catering, music, floristry, venue hire, planning, stylists, make-up and beauty, photography and videography services were taken into account to create the list and the online calculator.

How much does a wedding cost in the UK?

The list of UK regions based on cost of weddings is as follows:

  1. Inner London – £46,200
  2. Greater London – £41,060
  3. North West – £39,120
  4. South East – £33,005
  5. Scotland – £30,280
  6. North West- £29,005
  7. Wales – £21,680
  8. West Midlands- £20,348
  9. South West – £18,840
  10. East Midlands – £14,400

Russ Morgan, co-founder of said,

“It’s always interesting to find out which areas of the UK are the most expensive for different services, and wedding costs is a particularly interesting sector. There’s a direct correlation with the price of utilities and the price of local services, which would explain why areas with high house prices demand higher wedding costs.

“We’re hoping our online wedding cost calculator will help couples save money on their wedding, it covers just about everything a wedding could have, and should help brides and grooms budget for their big day. Alternatively, you can request bids from local services in your area through the Bidvine site to make sure you’re getting the best price and supplier for the job!”

Image credits: Photo by Tom Pumford | Smart Photo CoursesUnsplash