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Are you getting married in 2017? If you are, congratulations! You’re probably in the process of making decisions that will shape your big day right now, so we hope this post will be helpful. For this pro post, a wedding photographer on Bidvine, Michal Ufniak, shared his thoughts on the importance of a physical wedding album.

Many wedding photographers offer personalised books for their clients, so note that you would like this on your Bidvine request. You can also make your own wedding album if you’d like to put your design skills to work.

So, if you’re debating between a wedding album or solely digital images of your wedding, you’ll want to read this. Read on to find out more about why you should choose a printed wedding album over digital-only photos of your wedding day.

Traditional Wedding Albums versus Digital Wedding Photos

In the past, couples eagerly awaited the opportunity to put together their wedding album upon getting their pictures back from their photographer. While this is still an option, many modern couples are choosing to only have their wedding photos in digital form.

There are a few reasons for this; one of them being that you can view digital photos right away, preventing couples from having to wait days or even weeks to see their pictures. Another is that you can instantly share digital photos online with family and friends who couldn’t make the wedding.

The question of whether or not a couple should stick to digital wedding photos or hold out for physical copies is something that each individual bride and groom must answer. For some, the idea of a bulky wedding photo album is simply not appealing. Others can’t imagine missing out on such a precious memento.

Digital photos can easily be lost and in many cases can’t be retrieved again. For this reason alone, it is smart to have a printed wedding album even if a couple chooses to have digital photos as well. It may seem like a waste to have both, but printed photos are easier to preserve for future generations.

Preserving Memories for Future Generations

Any couple that wishes to share their wedding photos with their grandchildren someday will need a printed wedding album. If you properly store printed photos, they can remain in their original condition for up to 100 years.

The problem with only having digital copies of wedding pictures is that most couples either keep them on a flash drive or upload them to a file-hosting website. This can be a huge risk as you can easily lose a flash drive. They can even have the files on them inadvertently deleted. File-hosting websites are a safer option, but there is still no guarantee that the website will have longevity.

Freedom to Share Your Photos as You Like

Having a printed wedding album means that the pictures are couples’ to do what they wish. Yet with digital pictures the photographer retains rights to them; often this is so they can use them in their portfolio to show potential clients what they can do. Most professional wedding photographers require couples to give them photo credit when posting the pictures online.

On the other hand, digital photography is much easier to enhance. Professionals have access to editing equipment that can help them take an ordinary picture and turn it into an extraordinary one. And when the digital photos have been taken, they can be burned onto a CD for couples to keep at home. In order to burn printed photos onto a CD, someone would have to scan each photo individually.

It is a personal decision that each couple has to make; there are benefits to printed photo albums as much as there are benefits of digital photos. This decision should not be made lightly.

Why Having a Wedding Album is Important - Pro Post - Michal UfniakMichal Ufniak, Wedding Photographer
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Thank you to Michal for sharing his insight on the lasting impact of a true wedding album. Photo albums are a great way to display your memories for years and years to come. We hope you found his words inspiring!

Michal is a professional wedding photographer based in Yorkshire. He photographs weddings across the UK and abroad! If you’d like to hire Michal for your upcoming wedding, submit a free request on Bidvine! Check out his profile at the link below and make a request there, it’s that simple.

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You may be tempted to go for digital photos in lieu of a classic wedding album, but we're here to say you shouldn't! Check out this pro post to learn why.

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