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At Bidvine, we have five core company values: be the CEO of something, act humble and be remarkable, simplify, relish the journey, and we succeed together (both as a team and in a broader sense, with our customers and professionals as an online community). The story of the business we have the pleasure to highlighting this week, speaks particularly to the last of these values. It was founded by three friends: Danny, Will, and Sam who go way back.

They first started out filming short comedy sketches together, mostly for fun, during their university years. The trio seemed to part ways a few years ago when Danny took time off to travel, but they reconvened for a documentary project in Serbia, now with an intent to pursue film as an art form. The experience of shooting together inspired the team to focus on filming as a career. That’s when they moved to East London together to start Potion Mixtures Productions and become videographers.

The timing couldn’t have been better! Danny managed to find Bidvine through and online advert and he was keen to give it a try, as he explained.

Videographers from Potion Mixtures Productions

Bidvine’s proposition just made sense immediately. It’s easy to understand and the website is simple to use. Moreover, as a professional, you can rely on Bidvine to grow your business because they deliver detailed customer inquiries multiple times a day. You can see how many other professionals have quoted which allows you to weight your options. Yes, the quotes can seem slightly on the expensive side when you are first investing in a bundle for videographers, but if you actually win a job for a wedding video request for example, you can make 50x as much as what you paid for winning the job.

Danny Cordeaux, Videographer, Potion Mixtures Productions

‘I think what makes us different is that we have a history of shooting comedy sketches so we know how to put people at ease with our quirky sense of humour. This can especially be helpful at weddings and other events when there’s a lot going on and the subjects might be nervous or distracted. But we always make sure that they are happy with the results too, not just the filming process.

From a technical perspective, when we film, especially during weddings, we like to move the camera a lot and keep the shots interesting. Each video we produce isn’t only for the bride and groom. As corny as it sounds it’s also for us! We love the art of film and creating a cinematic video. Capturing the story of a couple’s joy and love for each other is quite special for us. We try and push the boundaries each time we create a new video by experimenting with different composition and new angles.

We think this separates our videos from the run of the mill ‘static’ wedding videographers that are unfortunately so common.’ Since signing up, the Potion Mixtures team has managed to secure multiple wedding video projects for Bidvine customers and to shoot amazing wedding videos. The results speak for themselves! Treat yourself to a peek below!

Potion Mixtures covers the majority of the UK and in addition to wedding videos, they also pride themselves on producing high quality sport and corporate event videos, ‘how-to’ and explainer videos, as well as music videos. ‘We recently purchased a drone and we are very excited to use it on all our new projects,’ Danny added.

And for videographers new to Bidvine, here’s Danny’s advice: ‘Put together an impressive portfolio and have references ready from customers you worked with previously. Make sure your profile looks professional. It’s also a good idea to link to videos that are relevant within the quote. But don’t forget the basics: be courteous and professional with your messages to customers. And if you’re shooting a wedding video, remember you’re part of the celebration so be up for a good time… be someone people like to be around!’

Danny Cordeaux
Potion Mixtures Productions
Bidvine Professional since February 2016

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