If You’re Not Getting Hired, Tweak Your Bid Message

Daniel Filotico

Personal Trainer

Daniel has been passionate about fitness since he was a kid. Inspired by his own fitness mentor, he left his job to pursue his passions and become a personal trainer. To grow his personal training business, Daniel then turned to Bidvine. Now, with 35 personal training clients from Bidvine, Daniel is living his dream!

In our conversation with Daniel, he shared his top advice for other pros on how to get booked up with Bidvine. Read below to discover Daniel’s tips for success from creating a winning profile to writing the perfect bid and getting top-notch reviews.

Where Did Your Passion For Personal Training Come From?

I have always been into sports since I was a kid. First, I spent 10 years in swimming. I also played volleyball. Then when I was 21, I started to do weights.

After I had a bad injury, I started working with a PT. I needed guidance and my PT became my mentor. Everything I know is thanks to him. So, I decided to follow my passion for fitness and leave my previous job and now I’ve been working as a PT for 6 years.

How Did You First Come Across Bidvine?

A friend suggested Bidvine to me. So I started straight away, and in the first month, I was hired by 3 or 4 Bidvine customers. Bidvine has worked quite well I’ve been really happy with it from the beginning. Now about 35 of my clients are from Bidvine.

How Frequently do You Use Bidvine?

It depends on the period of the year, you know, there are low months and there are high. When it comes to summer, I bid almost every day. Then when I get busy, I tend to bid less and focus on enquires from people who live around me or need a type of training session that I specialise in.

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What Would You Say Makes a Winning Profile on Bidvine?

Showcase your best qualities, your specialities. I think that’s the most important thing. You need to differentiate yourself from others. Then, show that with a video or pictures. Customers want to see what you’re doing and who you are.

I’ve put up a lot of pictures where I am training people, training a group of people, or of when I am training myself. Including pictures is one of the best things you can do when setting up your profile.

How Important Are Reviews From Clients?

Reviews are important for everything now from booking a hotel to buying a product. So, good reviews from past clients are probably the best business card you can get. They can also give you an extra edge when a client is uncertain.

Reviews aren’t something that come by themselves though. I need to remind my clients sometimes to write reviews.

I got my first review after a few weeks of training, from a client who had good results and was happy. So, I asked, ‘Do you mind writing me a review that will help me get more clients?’ and then she did.

What’s The Secret to Writing The Perfect Bid?

Be clear, be transparent and obviously show that you care about the client. Show them that you will really put effort into helping them reach their goals. Then remember to be positive and have a good attitude.

If you’re not getting hired with your bids it means you should add something to your bid or profile. Keep tweaking your bid, try again, and eventually, you’ll get it right and you’ll get hired.

Following up on bids also helps most of the time. People receive 4 or 5 bids and might forget the first bid that they read. So, if you follow up about a day after they view your bid, you remind them of the bid and show that you’re keen. Every time I follow up, I find success.

Out of Every 10 Bids, You Send, How Many Hires do You Usually Get?

Out of 10 bids, it depends. Sometimes, I bid more than ten times and I’m not hired. Then other times out of 10 bids, I’ll be hired twice or three times. Overall, I am more often hired with each bundle I buy than not. I make back what I spent on that bundle within the first few sessions with the client.

Photo credit: Daniel Filotico

What do You Love About Bidvine, if You Had to Sum it up?

Bidvine is really easy to use and there are lots of clients and customers coming to find personal trainers. The app is especially easy to use because you can always check the status of your bid and it sends you notifications. It’s easy and it works. That’s the most important thing, is that it works. I tried a lot of other websites, but none of them were like Bidvine.

What Are The Advantages of Using The Mobile App?

It always has notifications, so you don’t lose time when bidding. You get a notification that you have an email or a push notification about client messages. That way you can bid and respond quickly because it’s important to be fast. If you don’t have it yet, I would suggest you download the app.

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