Can Tradespeople Work In My Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak?

Despite the lockdown that is currently in effect for COVID-19, there are certain home repair emergencies, like a burst pipe or an urgent appliance repair, that often arise. Dealing with repairs yourself can be hazardous so it’s wise to call on the services of a specialist.

Can Tradespeople Work in Residential Homes During The Coronavirus?

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Need essential work done on your home but wondering whether you can hire handymen, electricians, and other tradesmen to work in your home to resolve issues?

According to the guidance from the government, work can be carried out in people’s homes, as long as both the residents of the home and the tradesperson are well.

“Work carried out in people’s homes, for example by tradespeople carrying out repairs and maintenance, can continue, provided that the tradesperson is well and has no symptoms.

No work should be carried out in any household which is isolating or where an individual is being shielded, unless it is to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household, such as emergency plumbing or repairs, and where the tradesperson is willing to do so. In such cases, Public Health England can provide advice to tradespeople and households.”


Read more information from the government here.

How do I Find Tradespeople Operating During The Lockdown?

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There are still several companies operating to provide services to ensure that homes continue functioning smoothly. An easy way to find tradespeople offering services is to submit a free request on Bidvine. There are many professionals that not only offer services but also follow guidelines to place the wellbeing of their customers at the forefront.

There are some repairs or jobs that can be postponed to a later date and do check with your service provider if this is possible. However, if you need to call in a tradesperson for a home emergency, such as emergency plumbing or electrical work here’s a checklist for safe practice.

Checklist For Hiring a Tradesperson During The Coronavirus

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1. Understand The Scope of Work

Communicate clearly with the professional before work begins so you are well aware of the approximate time required for the project and the expected results.

Discuss the job well in advance to avoid unnecessary repeat visits and verify if any equipment or tools need to be specifically purchased for the emergency job.

2. Ensure Safety Measures Are in Place

When discussing project plans with the trades professional, you can also inquire about what safety measures they have put in place to prioritise protection, such as disposable masks, gloves (where necessary) and even overshoe/foot covers. 

To learn more about how tradespeople can stay safe while offering their services, click here.

3. Verify Health Checks

Ask the supervisor if they monitor their crew’s wellbeing on a regular basis and if any members have recently arrived from overseas travel.

Similarly, be transparent if you or your family members have COVID-19 symptoms and are self-isolating. If you or someone in your family does have symptoms and are currently self-isolating but need essential home repair services, the government recommends contacting Public Health England for further information.

Also, clearly state if there are any vulnerable members at home, like those over 70 or anyone with compromised immune systems.

4. Maintain Physical Distance

Avoid answering the door. Instead, get the tradesperson to call or text you when they are outside and leave the door open for them to enter.

While inside the premises, maintain the recommended distance of 2 metres and avoid direct contact.

Instead, use phone calls or text messages to communicate any specific instructions. If possible, keep yourself and your family members in a certain room or part of the property for the duration of the visit.

5. Disinfect common areas

For added safety, don’t forget to disinfect common areas and objects like door handles and switches before and after the arrival of electricians or handymen. Keep an extra hand sanitiser handy for use by non-family members.

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