Use Reviews to Get More Customers

How To Get Positive Reviews

On Bidvine it’s as easy as a click of a button. We’ll always remind your clients to leave feedback on your job but first you need to mark yourself as hired. To mark yourself as hired simply login, go to the Quotes page, open the request(s) that you won and click ‘mark as hired’ at the bottom of the request.

Once you’ve completed this crucial step you will have started the whole review process and will be closer to receiving the reviews you need to boost your services.

You can follow this up with a few other steps to ensure you receive reviews quickly.

  • Contact your buyer on completion of the job and ask them to leave a review. Let them know how grateful you would be for their time and use this opportunity to find out if they need anything else.
  • Get in touch with previous clients and customers and ask if there’s a reason they haven’t left a review. More often than not, the reason people don’t leave a review is simply that they forgot. If you  remind them and make it easy by providing a link to the Customer Reviews page, they can complete the review in less than a minute.

Reviews are essential in a faceless world of technology as we trust strangers to let us know about the quality of a product or service. Don’t let your hard work be in vain, you deserve to be recognised for a job well done and a satisfied customers will always be happy to leave a review.

Why Reviews Matter

Consider your own shopping habits. How often do you check the reviews? Reviews are our connection to the tangible service or product as they help us to remove the risk of shopping online, while building trust between those who are selling and buying. In short, they’re not just important, they’re crucial for every business online, and can make the difference between being passed over or hired.

Here are some other statistics* that show the importance of reviews for your sales:

  • Over 77% of customers will check a review before deciding to hire or buy
  • 72% of people claim they would not buy if they couldn’t find a review
  • 82% would buy based on a positive review
  • People read an average of 3 reviews before making a purchase

The No.1 reason shoppers buy one product above another is not price, it is positive reviews!

Click here to find out more about business reviews and ensuring the feedback you receive is always five star.

*Data source: The Consumer Voice

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