What New Skill Could You Learn If You Gave Up Gaming?

Gaming, as everyone knows, is a hugely popular and enjoyable leisure activity that is practiced globally by millions of people of all ages. We decided to find out, on average how much people game here in the UK, and what they could learn or achieve in comparison if they devoted that time to doing or learning something else.

Our survey of 2000 members of the British public found that on average gamers will spend 2 hours a day playing video games. In response to the results, we have created a calculator where you can enter the number of hours you game for per week to find out what else you could have done or achieved with that time instead. The calculator can also be applied to other activities, for example, online shopping or browsing social media.

The survey also revealed that 55% of respondents identified as gamers, playing PC, consoles and mobile app games. More than a third (34%) answered they spend more than 5 hours a day gaming. Out of those who identified themselves as a gamer, two-thirds (65%) were male, a third (34%) were female and 1% didn’t disclose.

We enlisted the help of our qualified service providers, including language tutors, personal trainers, music teachers, builders and dance teachers, to find out how long learning a new skill or completing a task within a profession would take, to find out what can be achieved within a given time frame.

You can use the online gaming calculator by entering how many hours on average you spend gaming a week, to find out what you could have learnt or done in that time instead.

The survey also found that consoles are the most popular form of gaming, with more than two-fifths (45%) of gamers answering they play on one. PCs were the second favourite with just less than a third (31%) and mobile apps just less than a fifth (19%). All of the 2,000 respondents answered they had ‘gamed’ before (we weren’t exaggerating when we said it was a hugely popular activity!).

Bidvine.com co-founder, Russ Morgan, said,

“We really don’t want to shame people for gaming, because it’s a great way for people to unwind and have fun. We thought it would be interesting though, to find out in relative terms what could be achieved within the same timeframe. Gaming is such a popular leisure activity globally for both men and women, it made sense to use it as something to compare to, but members of the public can also apply the calculator to the amount of time they spend online or on social media as well.

“We hope that the calculator will encourage people to try something new, learn a new hobby and finally get round to ticking some things off of their bucket or to-do list. I think most don’t realise how little time you actually need to allocate to learning a new skill, just think, in six months’ time you could be sat in a restaurant speaking fluent French to your waiter!”

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