Supporting Local Service Professionals

Business as not-so-usual

At Bidvine, we’ve always worked to make it easy for people to find and hire local service professionals for their personal projects. In short, we connect people. However, with social distancing being the direction given by the experts, this can become challenging.

Health and safety of the people who use Bidvine is our top priority. Given the current situation, we’re adapting and working to help our community stay informed, make safe choices, and support each other.

What can I do to help local professionals at this time?

  • Keep supporting small business and professionals where safe and possible.
  • Only hire professionals where their services can be delivered remotely or where social distancing can be maintained.
  • Ask professionals about offering their service about no-contact options for their services.
  • Use digital payments instead of cash or cheque.
  • Ask professionals about purchasing packages or buying gift vouchers for work in advance.
  • Consider tipping, or paying now for work that you’ve postponed.

Should I postpone my projects?

We ask everyone to stay safe and always follow the directions from the government.

In following the current government advice, we recommend distancing yourself from professionals while they work. In addition, sanitise any involved spaces afterwards. If that is not possible, and the project is not essential, consider postponing those projects.

If health officials are restricting activity, make sure you follow their directions — some services are considered essential, and others are not.

In this ever-changing environment, we always encourage everyone to follow up to date advice from the government which you can find here.