Huge Surge in Number of Parents Hiring Summer Tutors

We recently noticed a huge spike in the number of bids being made for private tutors through the site, so in true Bidvine style, we decided to investigate!

We used our internal data to compare the number of bids made for tutors this year compared to last year and found that bids have more than doubled from 1,248 to 2,721.

The increase was by nearly 120%, a huge surge, and to find out why parents are seeking outside help, we spoke with a number of our tutors.

Our tutors have said that the recent marking of primary school papers has fuelled the rise, after children missed out on marks because their punctuation marks were misshapen. Another reason given by them is the new GCSE numbered marking model, which came into practice this year.

More than half (52%) of tutors said that parents worry that their children aren’t getting the right level of education. Two-thirds (68%) said they currently tutor state educated children and three-quarters said that despite children hitting their targets at school, parents are still looking for summer holiday tutors.

Russ Morgan, Co-Founder of said,

“An increase of nearly 120% is extremely rare, which is why we asked the tutors on the site to give us some insight. It began to make more sense when they explained the recent changes to marking criteria, which seems to have worried a lot of parents.

“There’s been lots of talk about the changes to GCSE marking criteria from the traditional lettered system to a numbered one, and it’s interesting to see how that has impacted demand for tutoring – parents obviously feel anxious about it.

“We think it’s important for parents to have the resources necessary to help their children get the best results they can, and hopefully our tutors will be able to help over the long summer holidays.”

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