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Storage is necessary: it doesn’t matter if your home is a cluttered haven of boho chic or a stark and stylish advocate of minimalism – you will need places to store your stuff. But what happens when you want something more than an Ikea wardrobe and an Argos chest of drawers? We focus on stylish storage solutions that will add something to your home rather than take from it.


Image: Just Real Moms

Think outside the box, This combination of magazine rack, glass fronted vintage cupboard and wooden boxes makes for a beautiful utility room or out room storage centre. It works perfectly for a living room set up or in the children’s room and it’s a great example of storage you want to show rather than hide away.


Image: Pottery Barn

If you’re serious about storage, or simply have a lot of stuff, you may need to invest in an large-scale hiding system like the one above. The best thing about this is, you could swap the boxes as your style changes! These wicker options are beautiful and they certainly match a lot of styles, but they could just as easily be plastic or wooden and multi coloured, which would add a wonderful pop of colour to your room.


Image: Home Girl London

People are used to seeing a chest of drawers, they are on the whole, functional and unremarkable. Choose something totally unique, like the vintage drawer set above and immediately it will distinctly influence the overall feel of your décor. Although, to be honest, the wall could probably still use a lick of paint unless you’re going so vintage that you’re after the 1800’s look.


Image: Urban Outfitters

Instead of a blocky wardrobe, choose a delicate clothes stand like the one above. Slender, unimposing and lets your clothes do the talking. This lovely addition is perfect for your hallway or even living room but you probably need something a bit more robust for storing your entire wardrobe. This piece could be perfect for hanging up what you want to wear the next day to save you time in the morning or just your favourite clothing items that you like to wear more often than the rest.


Image: Her Tool Belt

Not just for shops, this rotating storage unit is the perfect place to put books, jewellery, keepsakes and other trinkets. If you have little ones, make sure that they aren’t trying to climb up to reach the upper shelves as this storage unit look a bit less stable than the rest. It could work in the living room, however, or in your own bedroom.


Image: 101 Pallets

A chest, ottoman or trunk is a brilliant place to store things you use regularly, or that you want to hide temporarily, like kids toys, shoes or general room clutter. This one is made from a wooden pallet—an item with many uses. It can be a useful storage place for a variety of purposes and although it’s a classic when it comes to unpretentious storage place, it’s still as popular as ever.


Image: Float Project

Under the stairs can be an awkward space that you might not be sure what to do with. Make it into a storage corner with some strategically placed shelving and a bench that doubles as a trunk. It adds an extra comfy factor that is essential for making any house a home.


Image: This Old House

Another example of an ottoman—this one is masquerading as a foot rest, concealing the wonderful storage space inside. It’s completely up to you what you want to store there but we reckon it can make a good hiding place for the remote ahead of your favourite programme!


Image: West Elm

This cleverly designed coffee table doubles up as a raised desk with extra storage space beneath. It’s an ideal option for someone who works from home but doesn’t have an office!

What is your favourite type of storage?

Image credit: Anna Hull

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