8 Best Stew and Soup Recipes for Autumn

When the weather gets a bit colder, somehow we stop craving fresh salads and look for something a little more warming. Stews and soups are perfect autumn and winter fayre—a steaming hot bowl of something filling and packed full of nutrients is the perfect cold remedy and feels like a comforting hug in a bowl! Read on for the eight best recipes to try in the coming months.

Kale, Potato, Chorizo and Sweetcorn soup

Image: Yesto Yolks

1. Kale, Potato, Sweetcorn and Chorizo Soup 

Packed full of ingredients, if you’re looking for a filling soup, look no further than this dreamy concoction. Sliced potato for bulk, sliced chorizo for flavour, kale for health and corn for fibre. The best thing about this is that you can cook it once and eat it throughout the week—delish. Grab the full recipe on the link above.

Butternut Squash soup with crispy Pancetta

Image:Food & Wine

2. Butternut Squash with Crispy Pancetta

This smooth soup is made quite simply, using cooked and pureed butternut squash and it is definitely an autumn classic. You can add anything else you fancy, but we recommend carrots, onions, garlic and perhaps a little cream. For carnivores, the addition of crispy pancetta adds a little extra flavour and a bit of texture to the dish.

Autumnal Minestrone

Image: Cooking Classy

3. Autumnal Minestrone

This super colourful, fresh and filling soup is ideal for vegetarians. Saute the vegetables then add some vegetable broth or stock, before adding and cooking the pasta in the broth. Find the full recipe on the link above.

Thai Spiced Pumpkin Soup - a twist on a classic

Image:  101 Cookbooks

4. Thai Spiced Pumpkin Soup

In the wake of Halloween, there’s a good chance the supermarkets will be selling pumpkins off cheap – meaning it’s the perfect time of year for pumpkin soup (it would also be a great idea if you’re celebrating thanksgiving). What makes this soup a little special is the tasty Thai twist, which is quite simple to add. Chop your pumpkin and chop a squash into halves or quarters,, rub with butter and salt and roast in the oven. When done, scoop out the flesh and simmer along with some coconut milk and red Thai curry paste. Puree the soup and add water until it’s a consistency you’re happy with. Serve and enjoy!

Meaty and tasty - a hearty Irish stew

Image: Uncle Jerry’s Kitchen

5. Dublin Coddle 

Definitely one for meat eaters, this hearty Irish stew is a fabulous feast. What this dish lacks in colour, it makes up for in flavour. The main ingredients are bacon, sausages, onion and potatoes—and don’t forget to serve with a delicious Irish soda bread. Find the full recipe on the link above.

A delicious seafood stew

Image: Louisiana Cookin’

6. Crab and Shrimp Stew

If you love seafood, you’re going to love this stew. The rich flavour of fish infuses with peppers and cayenne pepper to make a delicious broth that will warm you to your core on a blustery winter’s day. The recipe above uses live crab but ready prepared crab meat will work just as well.

Add gnocchi to bulk up a soup

Image: The Cozy Apron

7. Italian Chicken and Veggie Soup

This soup is almost a stew due to genius addition of gnocchi. Chicken cooked with a selection of autumnal vegetables with strong flavours such as garlic and parmesan—this dish doesn’t do anything by halves. Find the full recipe above.

Pumpkin and lentil stew

Image: Give Recipe

8. Pumpkin, Chickpea and Lentil Soup

A beautifully rich and warming vegetarian stew, this is a hearty meal you’ll want to eat again and again, which is pretty lucky as you can reheat it throughout the week! Lentils give a beautiful texture and flavour is in full supply with the addition of dried mint and sumac. Find the full recipe on the link above.

Have you got a favourite stew and soup recipes for autumn? Share in the comments below!

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