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After spending 20 years working in IT, Panos decided to make some radical changes in his life and pursue his true passion by becoming a music therapist and singing teacher. This was 10 years ago and he has never looked back since! Now he uses Bidvine to find new private students who can work around his already busy schedule of existing students and new client referrals.

Back while still working with different software companies, Panos watched friends and acquaintances make the switch from music to more stable and dependable office jobs. He did just the opposite and gave up his comfy 9-5 job to pursue qualifications first in classical singing and then in music therapy; he wanted to be the instrument of meaningful change in people’s lives. ‘That’s when I started Orpheus Music Services too, my private practice to provide music therapy classes, piano and singing lessons, and other related services,’ Panos explained.

‘Although I consider music therapy one of my main specialities, I am equally passionate about the technical aspects of music education and music performance.’ Indeed. His dedication is demonstrated by his Diploma in Concert Singing from Birkbeck College London and LTCL Recital from Trinity Guildhall. But perhaps even more impressive than his academic qualifications is the range of operatic tenor roles and chorus performances he has under his belt. His recent soloist performances include Verdi Requiem, Rossini’s and Dvorak’s Stabat Mater, Mendelssohn Elijah, Leukippos in Strauss’ Daphne and he has sung with the London Symphony chorus and BBC Symphony chorus for several years.

Panos Ntourntoufis Singing Teacher of Orpheus Music Services

I found Bidvine on Facebook, when a friend and fellow music teacher who also went on to use the website, liked the Bidvine Facebook page. After signing up, I was excited to find that I could receive client requests via email that meet my specified requirements for location, and then choose whether to quote for a small fee or pass. This saves me time and allows me to be selective about which client request to quote on as a singing teacher.

Dr. Panos Ntourntoufis, Singing Teacher and Music Therapist, Orpheus Music Services

As Panos is already working with NHS patient groups of adults with learning difficulties through The Music Project charity and children with emotional difficulties, he has a packed schedule of clients who require the utmost professionalism and undivided attention.’ I devote the same care and attention to my private clients as a piano and singing teacher. Furthermore, my training in music therapy gives me a unique angle on how to motivate students to improve.’

Panos of Orpheus Music Services is one of over 1,000 music or singing teachers who have managed to connect with new clients through Bidvine. While some professionals have used Bidvine to build their business from the grounds up, Panos uses Bidvine to find clients whose availability and requirements fit his schedule and expertise. So no matter if you are starting out or have an existing client base, whether you are an individual teacher or work at a music school, Bidvine can help you connect with the right students when it’s right for you.

Dr. Panos Ntourntoufis, Singing Teacher and Music Therapist
Orpheus Music Services
Bidvine Professional since April 2016

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