11 Shelving Ideas and Hacks to Help You Make The Most of Your Space

Having your stuff all over isn’t a good way to live. The sight of a mess can really stress you out! It can overwhelm and frustrate you, and leave you with no energy to take care of sorting it. Before you shove everything into your closet and forget about it, there are other ways to get on top of clutter! Shelving can give you extra storage space. With these 11 clever shelving ideas, you can create a place for everything in every room!
This will help improve your home’s usability. Shelving can make a bare wall useful, or turn a corner into the perfect nook for putting things away.

Shelving is more than just storage. It can also be decorative and allow you to display treasured possessions and family heirlooms. From storing washing powder in the laundry room to keeping books neat and tidy in the bedroom, you can display your style through inventive shelving.
Curious about what this could look like in your space? We’ve collected some great ideas on how to make rooms work better so you can enjoy every part of your home again.

Bathroom Shelving Ideas

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Creative Bathroom Shelving Ideas

When you think about your bathroom, you may not think there’s much room for a shelf. But, there’s lots of stuff that needs to be put away until you need it! Even if you think there isn’t room for a shelf, we have some great ideas for this space.

Repurpose The Toilet Space

Your toilet tank needs to be easily accessible in case of emergencies. You don’t need to leave the entire space above it free though. Install a rack to take advantage of this space! Some shelving units are built for this area, but you can use a wall mounted shelf too. You can store towels or toiletries so they are in the bathroom and ready to go. Whether it’s a stack of towels or toilet paper, you’ll have a sense of readiness and a nicely arranged bathroom.
This is also a great way to incorporate some decorative touches into your bathroom. Often, this room prides function over form. But with clever shelving, you can have both!

Homemade Storage

There’s no rule that your shelf has to be just a piece of wood. You can think outside the box and create a shelf out of found items like mason jars! These glass jars are sure to give your bathroom a clean and tidy look. They come in many different sizes, so you can select one or use a range in your space. Use them to put your bathroom supplies like cotton swabs or balls in easy reach and on display!

Storage Boxes

You may use storage boxes elsewhere in your home, such as on your closet shelves. Take those boxes out and put them on display! It’s easy to fix their bottom side to your walls and turn them into a unique shelving unit! A decorative box, such as one made out of wicker or wood, can be the perfect accent for your wall. Fresh white towels or toiletries will look great in these new display containers.

Towel Shelf

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Tidy Up With These Laundry Room Shelving Ideas

Floating Storage

Your laundry just doesn’t contain your washer and dryer, it is also home to your laundry supplies! Laundry soap, dryer sheets, stain remover, even clothespins! These items can make even a neat laundry room look messy if they’re left strewn about.
Install floating shelves above your washer and dryer for the perfect storage space. Floating shelves are a perfect fit for this room since they look neat and clean fastened to your wall. With more than one shelf, you can add a few decorative items to make this practical space sparkle with personality.

High and Dry

Don’t think you have room for a shelving unit? Look up and discover what your ceiling has to offer! You can ceiling-mount a shelf that doubles as a drying rack. Your clothes will hang freely and won’t get in your way, allowing you the room to keep your laundry cycle going. Make your ceiling pull its weight!
For an interesting twist, use a wooden ladder as your shelf! Your hangers will use the rungs as their support. You can even paint an old wooden ladder to match the room. Not only will you be reusing, your laundry room will have a shot of personality that’s hard to duplicate.

Making Use of Unused Space

Your laundry room is dominated by your washer and dryer, but there are still unused spaces to discover and repurpose! Look at your space to see if you can find spaces beside your washer that might be put to better use with a shelving unit.
See if there is a section of wall that is out of reach because of your washer and dryer. With a shelf, you can gain extra space! Wire rack shelving is perfect since it’s easy to install and doesn’t block out the natural light.
Perhaps your machines are set under a window. Just because you don’t have a wall there doesn’t mean you can’t gain some valuable storage. You can include a freestanding shelf unit on top of your side-load machines to keep your soaps handy. You can make that the perfect space for storage.

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Bedroom Shelving Ideas For A Good Night’s Sleep

A Place For Books, Too!

It can be a bit of a battle to keep your child’s room clean. Toys, clothes, and books can all seem to creep across the floor as the day goes by. Thankfully, you can invest in a toy chest and wardrobe to keep some of the things in, but what about the books? Rather than letting them lay about and suffer damage, invest in picture rail for a creative approach to storage.
Fix several lengths of picture rail onto the wall, far enough apart that you can set books on them instead of pictures. Turning a wall into a mini library puts favourite books right in reach. Your child will be excited to go and select a book from the display, and may even look forward to returning it to check out another!

Put Your Things At Rest

The top of your dresser or bedside table may be a good place to collect the detritus of your day, but it could also be a good spot to lose it! Creating a dedicated space for storage will make it easier to keep track of items like your day planner, wallet, or jewellery. A shelf that’s just used for these items will make sure you know where they are – and make sure you will pick them up at the start of a new day!

Define Your Space

Larger shelving units can be used as dividers within your room to create distinct spaces. Add this to a bedroom to create a dressing area. You can then use the shelves as an extension of your closet for items like shoes, bags, or hats.
It can also create a sitting area as a little retreat. Place favourite decorative items like vases, books, or knickknacks to surround yourself by your favourite things. Or, if you have a green thumb, fill some shelves with plant life to freshen up your space.

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Living Room Shelving Ideas

Create Your Own Gallery

Your living room might also need some organizing, but the real draw for shelving in this space is a way to decorate! Hang two shelves parallel and fill them with your favourite art. Use frames in the same colour but in different sizes to showcase your art. The colour will tie the wall together so your selections look curated. Or, use the same size but different colours for a different approach! Have some fun and make this a feature of your living room – or any room in your home.

Make It Fun

No rule says your shelves need to be ordinary, flat pieces of wood. You can find shelves made from plastic, metal, or glass. Or make your own out of materials like wicker! You can also choose unusual shapes like boxes made into shelves or honeycomb shelves. This will turn a useful shelf into a piece of art!


When it comes down to it, you want to enjoy the time you spend at home. You don’t want to stare at a mess or worry about how to put things away. Thanks to these great shelving ideas, you can create a friendly, mess-free space in any room in your home. A shelf is a perfect way to store belongings of all kinds. It can also help inject some personality into the room by putting your favourite items on display.
Ready to get started? Choose a room and start the search for the perfect shelving unit to make it even better. If you need help purchasing or hanging your shelving, you can always get some help with your DIY project. Now take advantage of these ideas and be creative in your own space! You’ll be glad you did.

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