Spice Up Your Life: Relearn Spice Girls Lyrics & Choreography

Coinciding with the Spice Girls reunion tour kicking off on Monday the 27th of May, Bidvine a local service marketplace is offering fans the chance to brush up on their Spice Girls singing and dancing skills! Some fans will be out of practice given the 10 years since the last concert tour.

Those who love the group will be able to choose from a range of singing teachers, dance instructors, and fashion consultants to make sure they immerse themselves in ‘Spice Power’.

The services will enable hardcore fans of the English pop girl group to take singing lessons aimed at refreshing memories regarding the lyrics and melodies of some of the biggest Spice Girls hits. They also have the opportunity to train with a professional choreographer, learning the exact dance moves made iconic by Ginger, Sporty, Scary, Baby and Posh from their plethora of music videos and performances, including “Wannabe”, “Stop” and “2 Become 1”.

Finally, those wanting to truly look the part can hire a fashion consultant who will provide them with an iconic 90s throwback makeover, inspiration on how to style their hair on the big night and tips on how to accessorize accordingly to recreate their favourite Spice Girls looks.

Singing lessons start from £30 an hour, dance choreography lessons start from £50 an hour and a fashion consultant from £60 an hour.

Anyone looking to book one or all of these services for themselves ahead of the gig dates can do so here:

Russ Morgan, Co-Founder of bidvine.com, commented on the service:

“For those growing up in the 90s the Spice Girls were an integral part of childhood, and the excitement and buzz surrounding these concerts are the perfect excuse to get dressed up like them, dance like them and (attempt) to sing like them.

They are an iconic group that all ages can enjoy and we wanted to highlight these services as we know that there are so many out there who would love to prepare themselves for a gig they might have been waiting years for!”

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