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If you’re thinking about selling your property, there’s no doubt that you’re looking around at property listings similar to yours. If you look at enough, you may notice a trend. It seems that the properties that command the highest selling price have the best photos. But, what do you if you’re not a professional photographer? Surely, your iPhone’s camera won’t cut it. Professional photographers have the property photography gear to get the job done. When you’re selling or letting your home, you should hire a professional for property photography.

A property photographer will showcase your property in its best light and highlight its selling features. That way, people can see your property online or in print, and you can be sure that they are seeing it as it looks in real life. Estate agency photography is essential when you’re letting or selling your home.

But, property photography isn’t just for property listings. As we’ll learn in this pro post, from Rob Crawshaw, property photography can act as a sort of commercial photography. If you run a retail shop or small business, you may want to share photos of your property online. Customers often look for what a store or business looks like inside before they decide to bring their business there. Property photography is especially important for restaurants, where the ambience is key.

To learn more about property photography, read on! We asked Rob a few questions about his speciality, which is photographing properties.

What goes into the cost of property photography?

Pricing a typical shoot for property photography is usually done by a combination of approximate working time including post-production and travel along with the required usage of the images. Usually, this is solely for the sale or letting of a property which means a limited licence can be granted and thus costs can be modest.

I try and make things simple for my clients by charging a fixed fee for a property photography shoot up to a certain size of property within my local area inclusive of all the above factors. I am also happy to consider giving a discount for multiple bookings made at once.

Where can I use property photography?

Generally, the term property photography is used in relation to photography for the marketing of a sale or letting of a specific property and thus usually a licence for use is granted for this purpose only. This enables a lower, more budget friendly price point that is more appropriate for a situation like this. Though I am fairly flexible and allow use across all mediums like both print and digital.

An extended licence is always an option, however, so you don’t end up spending more than you need to, it’s usually best to try and know exactly how you are going to use the images upon making the commission and the licence can be tailored to your requirements. If you find you require further use at a later date you can always purchase further usage.

Do you usually photograph residential or commercial properties?

I photograph a combination of residential and commercial properties. Though when we are talking about ‘property photography’ in terms of images for the marketing of purely the real estate, it’s mainly residential.

When I am photographing commercial properties it is more often for the contractor, designer or the actual business owner itself who require images for their portfolio and/or wider marketing use. Thus, the style and approach taken is more akin to architectural and/or commercial photography.

Bidvine tip: Selling your home can be a long process, especially if it doesn’t compare well to comparable properties in your area. To learn more about adding value to your home before you sell or let it, check out this article.

How to Highlight Your Property With Property Photography - Pro PostRob Crawshaw, Photographer
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We’d like to extend a huge “thank you” to Rob for sharing his insights on professional property photography. Hopefully, his advice on choosing the right licence will help you out in the future.

Rob works out of Leeds and offers his services throughout the UK. So, if you’re looking for a Bidvine pro to take the photos you need to sell or let your property, consider hiring Rob. He specialises in property and architectural photography. Rob has worked with interior designers, architects, and property owners throughout the UK and beyond in the past.

If you’d like to hire Rob, take a look at his profile via the button below. There, you can see examples of his work and submit a free request! When you submit a request on Bidvine, you’ll get custom, detailed bids in your budget and timeline. All you have to do is fill out our simple request form and wait for bids. Are you ready to take an important step towards selling or letting your property? Check out Rob’s profile and submit a free request today!

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If you're considering selling or letting your property, you'll want to read this pro post. Bidvine pro Rob Crawshaw sheds light on property photography.

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