Answers to Your Top 11 Questions on Wedding Photography

When you are planning a wedding there are a million and one questions on your mind. Who will cater the food? Where will you host the wedding? Do I need professional wedding photography? With all these questions buzzing around in your mind, it is easy to become overwhelmed.

So, to help take some of the pressure off, we put together this guide to your top 11 questions about hiring a wedding photographer.

Then, keep an eye out for expert insight from professional photographer, Jennifer Newberry, who consulted with us while creating the article!

1. Why Should I Hire a Wedding Photographer?

With smartphones, almost everyone has access to a camera these days. Still, that doesn’t mean you should trust just anyone to take photos on your wedding day.

Here are Jennifer’s top 5 reasons to hire a professional for your wedding photos:

  • You know you’ll get well-lit, quality photos. Remember you’re paying for the years of experience the photographer has dealing with posing, lighting, last-minute changes, and maybe even some hard-to-handle children or family members
  • You can sit back and relax and enjoy your day, and not stress over whether certain moments are being captured or not.
  • You don’t have to burden any of your friends or family with the responsibility of taking photos, when they could otherwise be enjoying themselves at your celebration.
  • Most importantly, you’ll have beautiful photographs that should withstand the test of time, that you can hang proudly in your home and show off to your grandchildren, for years to come.

Learning how to take the perfect photo takes time and experience. Which means that even though your aunts, uncles and friends might have access to a camera, they probably don’t have the same experience as a wedding photographer.

When you hire a wedding photographer you can avoid the stress of wondering whether your loved ones are capturing the perfect shots. Plus, your loved ones will want to spend time enjoying and celebrating with you, not stressing out about capturing those perfect shots.

You put a lot of hard work and love into planning your wedding. So, you want to be able to treasure these memories for years to come.

2. How Do You Hire a Wedding Photographer?

So, you want to hire a wedding photographer for your wedding, now what? Finding a wedding photographer who meshes with your style might seem like a challenge in itself.

To help you figure out how to hire the best photographer, Bidvine event photographer Tom Prest shared some simple tips with us. According to Tom, one the most important things to keep in mind is whether you like your photographer’s previous work.

Each photographer has their own unique style. So, make sure to look at your photographer’s past work before you hire them. This will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Tom also added that when planning your photography budget you need to keep in mind that with photography, you do get what you pay for. Photographers with more experience tend to charge more.

So, when you are trying to find a wedding photographer for hire, make sure to look at their past pictures and remember that experience factors into the cost.

Then, when you are ready to hire a wedding photographer for your big day Bidvine can help connect you with trusted, local professionals. When you submit a request for a wedding photographer through Bidvine, you could get custom bids from professionals!

A Guide to Your Top 11 Questions on Professional Wedding Photography

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3. Which Format Will My Wedding Photos Come In?

Before your wedding day, it is best to have a discussion with your wedding photographer about what format you would prefer to have for your wedding photos. Most wedding photographers offer a wide variety of different formatting options.

On the Bidvine request form, you can specify that you are interested in the following photography formats:

  • Removable media (CD/DVD/USB)
  • Online or digital proofs
  • Physical proofs and prints
  • Album

If you aren’t sure which format to choose that’s okay too! There are benefits to each type. For instance, Bidvine wedding photographer Michal Ufniak recently shared with us why he believes wedding albums are essential.

According to Michal, the decision ultimately depends on the couple’s preferences. After all, a wedding album might just be too bulky for some couples. He does suggest that a wedding album does offer more security.

When you properly store wedding photos in an album they can last up to 100 years! Plus, you are a lot less likely to lose your wedding album than a flash drive or CD and, wedding albums don’t crash and delete photos.

In some cases, photographers will offer to provide you with both digital and physical copies of your photos.

Jennifer advised that no matter which format you choose to keep in mind processing time for the photos. Make sure you’re aware ahead of time of a rough estimate of when you’ll get your delivered photos, this way you aren’t left wondering.

If you’re still undecided about the best format for your wedding photos then it is best to discuss your options further with your photographer. That way they can provide you with personalised advice based on your situation.

4. What Are the Average Wedding Photography Prices?

On average, wedding photography prices correlate with the photographer’s level of experience.

In general, the average cost of an entire wedding photo shoot is about £800.

However, wedding photography prices can still vary based on the experience of the photographer, if they need an assistant, the format of photos you are ordering and the length of the session. So, it is still best to discuss the photo shoot with your professional to ensure that you are both on the same page.

Bidvine Tip: When you submit a request through Bidvine you have the option to specify your budget range whether it’s £500 – £750, over £1,500 or anything in between.

A Guide to Your Top 11 Questions on Professional Wedding Photography

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5. What Are the Different Styles of Wedding Photography?

When planning your wedding photoshoot there are several different styles of photography that you can opt for. Which you choose is entirely up to you. Jennifer recommends starting off with a few classic posses, such as a picture with your parents or grandparents. Then, you can always opt for a more documentary or candid style for the rest of the day, where the photographer just captures the day as it happens.

Read below to learn more about each of the different styles and whether they’re a good fit for you!


Traditional wedding photography focuses on capturing classical images. This style of photography is a good option is you would like a traditional picture of you and your spouse leaving the wedding ceremony.


Candid photography is a great option if you aren’t a fan of posing for the camera. This is because this type of wedding photography captures you and your loved ones ‘in the moment.’

To create candid photos your wedding photographer will need to be close to the action and able to freely wander around the ceremony or reception. That way they can take photos that truly capture the atmosphere of an impromptu moment.


Artistic photography for weddings focuses on the composition and lighting of the picture.

In contrast to candid photography which captures the atmosphere of the moment, artistic photos aim to create a work of art. So, these photos often involve posing in a specific manner or setting.


Natural photography for weddings is perfect for the couple that loves the outdoors. These photos are primarily shot in an outdoor setting to capture the natural beauty of the season.

High Fashion

High fashion photography for weddings aims to focus on the style of the wedding. If you are a fan of fashion then this is definitely the style of photography for you. With this type of photography, you can capture all the fashion, from the dresses to the suits and even the stylish decor.

In the end, if you aren’t sure which style of photography would suit your wedding the best then simply mention this to your photographer. Then, they can help you figure out the best option for you based on your wedding plans.

6. Can My Wedding Photographer Take Engagement Photos as Well?

Many photographers are open to taking engagement pictures. However, whether your wedding photographer will be able to take engagement photos depends on their personal preferences and availability.

So, if you are interested in engagement photos then it is best to speak with your professional ahead of time. If they aren’t able to arrange for an engagement photography session don’t stress.

When it comes to choosing the poses for your engagement photo shoot let your interests as a couple inspire you. Love all things vintage? Then have a look at this vintage themed couples photo shoot captured by Vintage and Vogue Photography to find delightful vintage inspiration for your engagement pictures.

Creating a photo shoot that is inspired by things you are both interested in will make for fun pictures and happy memories you can treasure for years to come.

Bidvine can also help connect you with trusted, local engagement photographers.

A Guide to Your Top 11 Questions on Professional Wedding Photography

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7. Which Aspects of the Wedding Will My Wedding Photographer Cover?

Your wedding photographer can help you capture a variety of different aspects of your wedding. In the Bidvine request form, you will have the option to specify which part of your wedding you want to focus on.

Here are a few suggestions on what aspects of your wedding you might want professional photos of:

  • The wedding rehearsal
  • Preparation for the wedding
  • The wedding ceremony
  • The wedding reception
  • Family photos
  • The wedding party

Each of these aspects can provide its own unique benefits. For instance, wedding preparation pictures will capture all the build-up and excitement to the wedding. Then, if your photographer focuses on the ceremony you can have classic pictures taken while you exchange your rings and say your vows,

Alternatively, images of the wedding reception will capture a fun and relaxed atmosphere as your guests mingle and party to celebrate your marriage.

Family photos are another classic option, which your whole family will appreciate!

If you aren’t sure which aspect of your wedding you would like your photographer to focus on, then simply mention this to them. That way they can help you decide which aspects of your wedding your photographer should focus on.

8. How Long Does a Wedding Photo Shoot Take?

The length of your wedding photo shoot will depend on your personal preferences. Some only hire a wedding photographer for the ceremony or for family photos afterwards.

It is also common practice to hire a wedding photographer for the whole day so that they can capture the ceremony, the wedding reception and other candid moments throughout the day.

If you are considering only hiring a wedding photographer to attend part of your wedding, like the ceremony, then it is a good idea to book an hour more than you think you will need. That way you are less likely to risk running out of time if the ceremony runs longer than expected.

Jennifer noted that it’s common for the length of a wedding photo shoot to range widely. Depending on the package that a client chooses a photographer might be there for as short as 1 hour or as long as 14 hours.

A Guide to Your Top 11 Questions on Professional Wedding Photography

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9. Can My Wedding Photographer Make a Wedding Video?

While some wedding photographers offer wedding videography services, not ever photographer does. Many photographers prefer to focus on ensuring that your wedding photos are top quality. So, if you are interested in having a wedding video made then it is important to bring this up early

If your wedding photographer prefers to focus on taking pictures of your wedding, but you still want a wedding video, Bidvine can help. All you need to do is submit a request and you could get custom bids from trusted, local wedding videographers.

10. What Will My Wedding Photographer Wear to the Photo Shoot?

One of the top concerns when planning your wedding is that your wedding photographer will show up wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Your wedding photographer is aware that you put a lot of effort into your wedding and that every detail is crucial to a smooth day. So, most wedding photographers will automatically assume they should show up wearing formal clothing.

Still, it is a good idea to discuss attire with your wedding photographer beforehand that way everyone is on the same page.

A Guide to Your Top 11 Questions on Professional Wedding Photography

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11. Do I Need to Pose for the Wedding Pictures?

If posing for photographers stresses you out, the thought of having to pose for wedding pictures can make you want to cringe. There’s no need to stress about posing when you opt for a candid style of photography.

Candid photography focuses on capturing the ‘in the moment’ atmosphere of your wedding. That way you can go about enjoying your wedding without having to worry about striking the right pose.

Are you ready to hire a wedding photographer for your wedding? Then let Bidvine do the legwork for you. Submit a request through Bidvine and get custom bids from professional wedding photographers near you!

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