Are You a PUBG Expert? Become a PUBG Coach and Get Paid!

Do you have exceptional Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds – PUBG skills? Would you like to get paid for helping others improve at PUBG? Then, you’re in the right place, we’re launching a brand new service where PUBG experts can get paid as a PUBG Coach by sharing their expertise!
To find out the full details of how you can start earning for your PUBG expertise simply read the blog post below.

What is PUBG?

Released as a beta game in early 2017 and then in full in December of last year, PUBG has already become a phenomenal success with 5 million games sold!
Essentially, PUBG is an online, player vs. player style game. The game begins with players parachuting off a plane into the game’s map. Then, they face each other until only one player remains, the last man standing, to become the ultimate champion, which is called a ‘chicken dinner’ in the PUBG community.
Watch the trailer below to see the game in action:

What do You Need to Be a PUBG Coach?

All you need to be a PUBG Coach is a strong wireless connection, an Xbox 1 or a gaming PC or a smartphone with the PUBG app installed. Oh – and at least 20 wins!

How Good do You Need to be?

To be eligible to work as a PUBG Coach you will need to provide proof of your level and ability. This proof can be a selfie of your face with your PUBG stats side by side. Then, you will also need to provide a photo ID, have a working Xbox 1, or PC,  or a smartphone with the PUBG app installed, as well as at least 20 wins. You will need a strong wireless connection as well, as outlined above.

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Why Should You Become a PUBG Coach?

Many of us can’t imagine anything better than getting to play video games all day, and getting paid for it too! So, inspired by this passion for video games we launched our Pro Coaching services for Call of Duty and FIFA as well as Pro Fortnite Buddies. Since launching them we’ve had an incredible number of requests for PUBG Coaches and who are we to say no to what the people want?!
As a PUBG Coach, you can expect to earn at least £30 per hour based on similar services, but with you can set your own prices – so it’s really up to you how much you earn!

What is Being a PUBG Coach Like?

Being a PUBG Coach is just like playing the game, except in this case you’ll be trying to make sure someone else wins. At the same time, you’ll be teaching them how to master the game and survive on their own!
The exact tasks that you will be doing while in-game depends on what your customer requests, their goals for the game, and areas they’d like to improve. This means you’ll probably be teaching something different every day, in-game strategy, map knowledge, in-game driving skills, or the best weapons to use.
With the first ever PUBG esports tournament coming up, you can also help train new, intermediate, or advanced players to compete!
There’s never a boring routine day when you’re a PUBG Coach, there’s always something different to teach!

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How Will You Fulfil Your Customers’ Needs?

Your approach to the game will, as we’ve said above, depend on what your customer is looking for. When a customer submits a request on, they can specify which gaming areas they want to improve. These will include the type of training, areas they’d like to improve on, and how often they’d like to have sessions take place.
Do you have what it takes to become a PUBG Coach? Then click below to sign up!

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