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Starting out as a personal trainer can be tough, even for the buffest among us. We caught up with successful Bidvine-registered trainer Laura Owens for tips and tricks on how to kick off a personal training practice.

When Laura qualified as a personal trainer last year, she decided that she wanted to launch her own private personal training practice. This is an ambitious task, even for seasoned trainers with an established network of previous clients and industry connections.


Lucky for Laura, she stumbled upon Bidvine early on in her journey as a sole trader.

My experience with Bidvine has been extremely positive: the website is super easy to use. I receive email and SMS alerts when customers are looking for services that I offer, and most importantly each of the customers I found through Bidvine so far has been lovely. I am now looking to expand my business and will be using Bidvine to help me achieve this.

Laura Owens, Personal Trainer, EatFit.London

For as long as she can remember, Laura has been interested in health and nutrition—but it wasn’t until she’d done her round of office jobs that she realised she wanted to make her passion for fitness a career. Laura became a personal trainer because she wanted to help others achieve their goals. ‘My clients really inspire me daily and it’s great knowing that I also give them motivation and inspiration,’ she added. ‘The great thing about my job is there is always more to learn and I look forward to doing more courses and becoming more experienced.’

Her qualifications include Level 2 fitness instructor, Level 3 personal trainer, as well as circuit and kettle bell licenses. Currently, she offers personal training exclusively to female clients, specialising in high-intensity training. ‘HIIT is great to keep people motivated and interested and means that you will carry on burning calories throughout the day as 70% of the exercises focuses on using body weight,’ Laura explained.

Laura takes a holistic approach to her practice. She individually tailors exercise programs and eating plans to each of her clients’ needs, and believes training should be challenging, but also fun! In her words, embarking on a personal training journey means ‘committing to a change as we realise and push our own boundaries whilst still remaining kind to the body.’ Her most popular service is home visits, but she also offers group and outdoors sessions as well as Skype training and online training sessions.

Laura of EatFit.London is one of over 1,300 personal trainers across the UK who have found success with Bidvine. Beyond her passion and extensive qualifications, Laura attributes her success to continually giving her best to her existing clients. Her advice? ‘Be creative to discover new channels where potential business can be generated and know exactly the type of people you would like to work with. It’s okay to be selective!’ That’s why Bidvine offers the perfect solution: by allowing you to quote only to clients you’re interested in. That means more time spent in the gym, and less time lost pursuing clients.

Laura Owens, Personal Trainer
Bidvine Professional since April 2016

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