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At Bidvine we have six core company values: make strong moves, climb the vine, service first, give kudos, champion good ideas, and pursue your passions. Today we have the pleasure of highlighting Bidvine professional Daniel Abebe. His journey as a personal trainer particularly speaks to the latter of these values, pursue your passions.

After working in the fitness industry for over 8 years and filled with a passion for fitness Daniel set out on his own to pursue his dreams. He is the founder of Transformed Body, a personal training business based in Hammersmith and Fulham.

As a personal trainer, he gives his all to every client and is dedicated to helping them achieve their fitness goals so that they can transform their lives.

Daniel first discovered Bidvine in November 2015 through a friend who was also a personal trainer. Though it first proved challenging, Daniel persevered and refined his profile. With these new improvements business soon began to flow in, as he explained.

Daniel Abebe training with a client

“Bidvine allows clients to easily access experts from the fitness industry. The key to success is to include your experience, qualifications, a personal story, your picture and reviews. I love Bidvine because 80% of my clients are from there and I sign up 1 out of 5 that I talk to on the platform. I love Bidvine.”

Daniel Abebe, Personal Trainer, Transformed Body

Daniel’s advice for new PTs

If you’re just starting out as a personal trainer Daniel offers the following advice, “Discouragement after failing to keep up with high standards is one of the biggest challenges that PTs face when starting out. Be optimistic but with a calculated risk. Continue to persevere, build strong relationships and smile when you meet people.”

His tips for PTs new to Bidvine

For professionals joining Bidvine, Daniel noted that “experience, qualifications, a personal story, your picture and reviews are essential to your profile. Profile reviews are very important because that’s where potential clients can see who you are and how good you are.”

If you don’t yet have reviews from clients through Bidvine he suggests adding reviews from outside the platform. This will demonstrate your expertise and dedication to potential clients and help you win business on Bidvine.

He also emphasised that PTs should include photos on their profile. Particularly photos that include the personal trainer exercising with their clients and a profile photo with a smile.

Daniel Abebe Personal Trainer

On winning business with Bidvine

When it comes to winning business with Bidvine Daniel had this to share, “When I get a lead I tend to look at where the customer is based, how many sessions they want a week and if they are willing to travel. Then in the bid, I address the client by their name, keep it simple, cover the client’s main needs, and show them how to strategically meet and exceed their goals.”

Last piece of advice

Daniel’s last piece of advice for PTs? Persevere! “When I first started with Bidvine it was kind of difficult, I didn’t get hired from the first credit bundle that I bought, but I persevered and refined my profile. It was when I bought my second or third bundle that it really went up!”

Daniel Abebe Personal TrainerDaniel Abebe

Transformed Body

Bidvine Professional Since November 2015


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