Personable and Personalised Bids Shows Potential Clients You Care

Annie became a life coach to pursue her passion of helping others achieve their goals. Then she discovered Bidvine while looking for a domestic cleaner for her home and realised it would be the perfect fit for her business too. So, she jumped in and signed up as a pro!

In our conversation with Annie, she shared insight into the life coaching profession, and her top advice for building a personalised profile that resonates with clients.

How Would You Describe Your Profession as a Life Coach?

Life Coaches and counsellors often get mixed up. However, a life coach isn’t the same as a counsellor. Whereas counsellors often address dramatic life events, life coaches deal with the normal everyday aspects of life and help create strategies through conversation on overcoming challenges. We offer guidance about things like losing a job, career advancement or relationship issues.

In my line of work I specifically focus on helping people set goals and create action plans so they can discover how to move their lives forward. A lot of the work is done by the clients and as a life coach I help steer them along.

What Do Life Coaching Sessions Involve?

It is essentially sitting down and having a chat with the goal of getting a client to make a positive change. You then brainstorm action plans together to help your client come to an answer about what they want to do as the next step of achieving their ultimate goal. That’s why, I believe, everyone can use a life coach because it’s so applicable and relevant across many different areas of one’s personal life.

Coaching sessions can be held at the client’s home or a place like a pub can work as well. Somewhere relaxed where you can sit at a table together with a pen and paper. It doesn’t have to be silent or noisy, just an in-between kind of a place. Somewhere you can just chat away and no one’s really listening but it’s not so noisy that you can’t hear each other.

How Many Sessions Does Life Coaching Usually Involve?

I work with a client maybe 10 times. Then from there maybe once a month if a client wants to continue on. It’s not like counselling, which can go on for an extensive and indefinite length of time. The purpose of life coaching is to achieve a specific goal which the client and I define together.

How Did You Discover Bidvine?

I’ve been using Bidvine as a professional for a couple of months now. I first came across it when I was looking for a cleaning lady. Then I suddenly thought, “Oh, this could be useful for my business.” So, I started looking into it as a professional. I still continue to use it to find other professionals too. I recently hired a photographer for my brother’s wedding through Bidvine.

How do You Choose Which Requests to Bid on?

First, I look at what it is they want and if that is part of my skill set. So, if the request is about confidence building, career change or relationships issues, those are all areas that I cover and specialise in. It mainly needs to be something that I can coach in general. So, in most cases, the topic or reason can be anything as long as it’s not something that requires psychiatric help, because I’m not a doctor.

What is Important For a Pro to Include in Their Profile?

It’s important to talk from the heart. That way a client will know if they can relate to you as an actual person. As a life coach, clients trust you when they get a sense that you can understand them based on what you’re going through yourself. That’s why I include a story about my life experiences and how they inspired me to work in this profession. It shows clients my personality and why I value working as a life coach.

You Have Two Reviews From Previous Clients, How Important Would You Say Reviews Are?

I think reviews are crucial. People always look at reviews, references and descriptions before they hire someone or buy something. It’s great that Bidvine allowed me to get reviews from previous clients to strengthen my profile and I didn’t need to wait to get hired on the platform first.

However, clients might not give you a review straight away. So I normally wait around  two or three sessions before asking, ‘would you be able to give me a review?’ In my experience, it’s beneficial to ask in the beginning after a few sessions, because they have decided by then that they’re going to continue working with you.

What is Your Advice For Pros Starting Out on Bidvine?

A profile picture is definitely important. Keep the message concise and be clear about what you do in the description. Personalise your bids. People work with the people they like and can relate to. It helps you differentiate yourself from a corporate look and show who you are as a small business owner or sole trader.

What Do You Love Most About Bidvine?

I love that I can reach out to people very easily with Bidvine and improve my business by contacting the people with a click of a button. It’s brilliant.

Find out more about Annie:

Annie Fontaine Life Coach, London, UK

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