A Guide To The Perfect LinkedIn Picture

LinkedIn has been with us for ages, but it’s only in the last couple of years that it’s properly started to gain momentum. With nearly 500 million members to date, it’s often been referred to as Facebook for job hunters. Competence and experience aside, how does one stand out against the largest digital landscape of eager professionals? We all know first impressions are important — even digital ones. Here at Bidvine, we thought we’d use a pinch of psychology and a dash of common sense to bring you our very own guide to taking the perfect LinkedIn picture.

1. Eyes.  Eyes are the window to the soul. By looking into the lens and narrowing your eyes you’re showing your audience that you are driven, competent and capable.

2. Jaws.  Odd as it may sound, strong visible jaw lines are something we are drawn to in our influencers. Like eyes, they are indicator of competence.

Young man smiling wide as one could for a perfect LinkedIn picture

Image: pexels

3. Teeth — Humans are social beings, and studies show most of us are suckers for toothy smiles. These inspire trust and will convey your friendly disposition, putting your potential employer at ease.

4. Snappy Dressing Leave your Friday night gear at home because LinkedIn is all about business, and you need to dress for the job you deserve. Formal attire is the key to success here. Make sure to keep the colours neutral, so as not to detract attention from your good looks.

5. Portrait You’ll have less than a second to stand out, so make sure your future employer can see your face clearly. LinkedIn isn’t a modelling agency, and you don’t need to go for the full length shot to get the perfect LinkedIn picture.

6. Leave it Alone Once you’ve got your favourite snap, upload it. Don’t spend hours on Photoshop or Snapfeed trying to tweak it. LinkedIn is not Instagram, and no one’s going to hire you if you look like an Andy Warhol print.

7. Go Your Own Way If you work in a creative industry, you can pretty much tear up the rule book and do as you please! That said, we do encourage you to avoid sunglasses… unless you’re looking to work in Shoreditch, where the ‘bleached out pout in shades’ and ‘bearded hipster looking into the distance’ shots are still compulsory.

You will also likely have to decide on the most professional way to present yourself and still stand out; you can opt for a conservative headshot photo or a more imaginative portrait photo. To find out the difference between the two, check out this great blog post on when is a portrait just a headshot. Remember, if you need professional photo for your LinkedIn profile (or for Bidvine if you’re registered as a professional), you can submit a request on our website and we’ll connect you with up to five photographers in your area. If you just want to browse, do check out our other photography blog posts.

Do you have any tips of your own on the perfect LinkedIn picture? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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