How to Find Remote and Online Mental Health Support

The current pandemic is affecting everyday life in different ways and looking after your mental health and wellbeing is equally important as taking care of your physical health and staying fit

Online therapists and counsellors can provide abundant support to help you navigate through uncertainty and attain a sense of stability during these uncertain times.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the different areas which you may decide to focus on during your counselling session.

If you are looking for counselling for an aspect which is not discussed here simply inquire with your counsellor directly if this is a mental health issue which they provide therapy for.

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Anxiety and Depression

The COVID-19 outbreak has made it challenging for many. If you are feeling anxious or stressed, try talking to someone trustworthy. Speaking with an online mental health professional like a counsellor or a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist can help address any concerns. They’ll work with you to help you adjust thinking patterns so that you can find positive solutions to any challenges, anxieties, and stressors that you are experiencing.


If you are grieving over the loss of a loved one, a grief counsellor can help you to cope with bereavement in these difficult circumstances. This can also be helpful if you can’t easily access your usual in-person support network while social distancing is in place.

Couples Therapy

Navigating through new routines in close quarters during a lockdown can affect relationships in new different ways. Talking to a therapist or relationship counsellor can help you and your partner cope with any tensions, open up communications, and discover new ways you can build a supportive relationship.


Whether you’ve just started a relationship or you’re contemplating virtual dating, a relationship counsellor can help reframe any limiting ideas or behaviours. Through emotional support and guidance, you will learn how to present yourself with confidence and build deeper and healthier connections with potential partners.


If you are on unpaid leave or have lost a job as a result of the pandemic, a therapist can help you cope with these changes. Then, if you are searching for a new source of employment, a career or life coach can help you plan for the next steps by analysing your strengths, refining your CV, and helping you prepare for interviews.

If you are a self-employed, visit this blog post to learn more about the current funding available during the Coronavirus.   


Whether you are self-isolating or social distancing during lockdown, loneliness is something that can effect your emotional health. Talking to an online therapist can help you find constructive ways to address loneliness as well as other mental health concerns.

With a great mental support system in place, you can continue to get the support you need during these uncertain times while staying at home.

A therapist can help you make a positive shift, achieve breakthroughs, and encourage you to cultivate good habits that will have you feeling calm and confident.

For more information from the NHS on mental health during the Coronavirus visit this page.

If you are a counsellor, visit this blog post for tips on providing online counselling services to clients.

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