Tips for Offering Your Services Remotely

As the coronavirus continues to impact daily life, many professionals and customers alike are seeking alternatives to meeting in person. If you offer a service that could be offered remotely/over the internet, below are a couple of tips to get started.

Update Your Travel Preferences to Offer Remote Work

Bidvine makes it easy to receive jobs leads from customers who are looking for a professional offering remote services. This could be online or over the phone depending on the service you provide. 

All you need to do is update your travel preferences and check off the option specifying that you conduct your business remotely. For a quick walkthrough of how to do this read here.

Free to Use Software to Simplify Remote Work

To simplify the process of providing remote services to your customers, we’ve gathered some of the best free software to get you started!

Bidvine Video Calls

For customers you connect with through Bidvine, use our video call feature. It is free to use, requires no additional software or downloads, and saves you having to send through meeting links or user ids.

Google Hangouts

If you have a free Gmail account, you already have easy access to Google Hangouts. All you need to do is share the unique meeting link with your customer and arrange a time for the call!


Similar to Google Hangouts Skype is a free downloadable calling or video calling software that is linked with an email account. To use Skype you simply need to create a free Microsoft email account. Then you can send your customer an invite to the call whenever you’re both ready to start.


Looking for an alternative to Google Hangouts or Skype? Zoom is a great option. It’s free to sign up and download Zoom software for your voice or video call, for meetings under 30 minutes.

Prep Your Working Environment Ahead of Time

To ensure your remote services go smoothly, prepare an adequate working environment ahead of time. Here is a handy checklist to streamline the process:

Working Environment Checklist

  • Check your WIFI connection – is your WIFI fastest when close to the router or do you get a high-speed signal throughout your home?
  • Create a quiet work environment – set aside a space in your home that is quiet, where you won’t pick up extra background noise from the outdoors or family members at home.
  • Check lighting ahead of time – this is especially important for a video call. When calling a customer make sure they can see you clearly whether you’re using a ceiling light, floor lamp, or natural light from a nearby window.
  • Run a test call –  when you pick out your test software run a test call ahead of time. This can help you catch any issues with your tech and sound to make sure everything works perfectly for the call with your customer.

Make it Personal

Building trust with customers is essential when offering remote services. This is very similar to offering a high-quality service in-person. It just simply goes that extra step to ensure that when meeting a customer online it feels warm and friendly rather than cold or mechanical.

Video is a great way to do this. It gives you an opportunity to communicate face to face with your customer just like you would in-person!

Another important step is to remember not to jump right into delivering the service. When your call gets started, spend the first few minutes checking in with your client over a friendly chat.

Then focus on delivering a great service!

Last Thoughts

Whether you choose to offer a remote service over the phone or through a video call, keep in mind that people are coming to you for a bespoke one-to-one (or one-to-few) service.  Ensure that the service you are delivering is customised to their needs and can’t be found elsewhere such as on pre-recorded online videos.

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