New for Pros: Insights on Your Weekly Activity

Bid Insights

Last year we launched Bid Insights as the first piece in bringing radical transparency to service professionals like you who are using Bidvine to build their business. Since then, pros have been using Bid Insights to view details on each bid sent including how many other pros have contacted the customer, and how you compare to these pros by a number of different measures like the number of customer reviews and bid price. Bid Insights also includes a timeline of the customer’s interactions with the each matched pro.

Services Management

In March, we refreshed the services management section of the Bidvine website. For each service, you can see the number of bids sent, contacts and how much you’ve spent in the previous week. If you are bidding automatically using BidMatch then you’ll see your weekly budget consumption for that service.

The goal of radical transparency is to share more data with our pro partners – making it easier for you to stand out and get hired, and making it easier to manage your business. The more you know about your activity on Bidvine and about your competition, the more you are empowered to be successful.

Weekly Stats Email

We’re excited to further this goal. Pros who are actively using Bidvine will now receive a weekly summary of their activity by email. This personalized email will include a summary of your activity, how your activity has changed over time, and your bid activity by service. For each service, you’ll also see how your cost per contact compares to other pros, and how much time you’re saving by bidding automatically using BidMatch.

We also included information about your market and your competition. You’ll see request activity and the activity level of other pros who offer the same services in the same locations where you work.

The weekly summary stats email goes out every Tuesday to all pros who are actively bidding manually or through BidMatch. If you take a break from using Bidvine then we’ll keep you updated on your market for a few more weeks. If you stay quiet then we’ll stop sending you this email update until you’re active again.

We welcome feedback on how radical transparency on Bidvine can make it easier for you to stand out and get hired, and make it easier to manage your business. Send your feedback to