About 70% of My Work Comes From Bidvine Now

Clare Hudson

Yoga Teacher

Becoming a self-employed yoga teacher wasn’t in Clare’s original plan but now that she’s winning 70% of her business on Bidvine she couldn’t be happier. With Bidvine, Clare has become her own boss and now, she’s in charge of her future. Clare shared her top tips with us on what it takes to grow your business with Bidvine and become your own boss.

How Did Your Journey as a Yoga Instructor Begin?

I was initially asked by someone I met at an art school if I would teach her and her husband yoga. For almost a year I then taught just a few one to one yoga sessions a week. Teaching those sessions taught me a lot and paved the way for how I teach now. I would never have considered working solely with couples and individuals otherwise. Being completely self-employed as a yoga teacher was never part of my plan but I’m glad it’s turned out this way

What is Your Favourite Part About Being a Yoga Instructor?

I’ve managed to meet some really great people through Bidvine. I love building relationships with people and regularly seeing and sharing something that I care about. It also feels good to be in control of my work. Being my own boss is really rewarding.

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How Has Bidvine Helped You Grow Your Business?

Bidvine has played quite a big role. I have clients through word of mouth, but Bidvine has allowed me to grow without actually having to focus as much on traditional marketing and advertising.

Most of the people I meet through Bidvine are still yoga students of mine today which I’m really grateful for. It’s lovely to continue working with people over a long period of time. If you’re wondering has anyone used Bidvine to successfully grow their business, I can say that I have. I’d say about 70% of my business comes from Bidvine now.

What Would You Say Makes a Winning Profile on Bidvine?

Completing your profile fully is a good place to start. Include a photo of yourself. At the very least it’s nice to put a face to someone’s profile.

When I first started I just had pictures of me practising yoga poses. Even though that shows I’m into yoga when it comes to teaching, I think it is better to show photos where you are actively teaching people. So, I’ve also got some photos where I am working one to one with my first ever yoga students. Essentially, as a yoga instructor, it’s good to show pictures of you teaching people.

Then, write a concise description that is conversational.

Photo credit: Clare Hudson

Any Top Tips For Getting More Reviews?

The most important thing is to ask. People are usually more than willing to provide a review or testimonial. Although, if you’re working with the same client over a long period of time, it might be best to wait a few months and then ask them to write you a review once they’ve had a lot of sessions with you.

What Are The Key Elements to a Successful Bid?

You need to be clear, concise, and tailor your message to what the client is looking for. I’m also a big fan of taster sessions. In these taster sessions, I offer half price to give people a chance of actually experiencing a session with me. After all, sometimes there’s only so much you can say in words.

I also check my email notifications from Bidvine frequently. This allows me to respond to people pretty quickly on the go.

Photo credit: Clare Hudson

How do You Select Which Requests to Bid on?

It’s pretty much location based. I don’t usually travel further than about 45 minutes, I prefer to stay local. Then it’s also time-based as well. A lot of my evenings and mornings are now filled, so I’m looking to teach more people in the middle of the day.

Were You Hired on Your First Bid?

Nope. I had quite an empty profile when I sent my first few bids. However, once I’d written more and included some photos so people knew I was a real person, I started to get work. People will want to work with you for who you are, and the quality of the services that you offer.

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