My Business Grew from Two Employees to Five with Bidvine

Sam Omer

Removal Man and Van Service

With 50% of his business coming through Bidvine, Sam Omer of Sam Removals is focused on growth. When his business first started out it was just him and 2 employees. However, since those first days his business has seen real growth and Sam Removals now happily employs 5 people.

As a top removals professional on Bidvine, Sam shared insight with us into how he’s used Bidvine to achieve this growth and win repeat business from his Bidvine hires.

What Did You do Before You Started Your Own Business?

When I came from Germany, I was hired as a driver of a cargo company. I worked with that company for 3 years. Then I started my own company. Now I am happy to focus all of my energy on my company and its success.

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How Often do You Use Bidvine?

In the beginning, when I first joined Bidvine I didn’t use it as much. Now, though, I send lots of bids. I check my email for requests daily and even hourly if I have the time. I’m busy and outside a lot of the time but I still check in and use Bidvine regularly. I am grateful for Bidvine.

What do Customers Usually Look For When Hiring a Rubbish Removal Pro?

Customers usually look for company insurance, insurance for goods in transit and public liability. Then they also look to see whether you’re professional or not based on the way you work, which they can check through your reviews.

After I won my first job on Bidvine, the customer was happy and wrote me a review. Reviews are very, very important. So, after a job, I make sure to ask the customer to leave a review.

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Do You Usually Mark Yourself as Hired?

Yeah of course. My last three or four customers have each marked me as hired. It’s important to mark yourself as hired. It’s important for your profile.

Have You Won Repeat Business From Bidvine Customers?

Yeah, I have. One customer who found me through Bidvine hired me three more times afterwards. The second time she connected with me directly and it went from there.

Have You Recommended Any Other Professionals to Bidvine?

Yes, I have recommended Bidvine to other professionals who are in the same industry. One of my friends, who also provides rubbish removal services registered last month, in September.

He used to use different companies but Bidvine works the best. The other companies seem to be thinking for themselves, not the professional. However, Bidvine is different, they cooperate with professionals. It is a top site that is well-suited for professionals.

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How do You Select Which Requests to Bid on?

As a businessman when I check Bidvine I am looking for the big jobs. For example, I’ll look out for moving furniture jobs, where I can charge an hourly rate. In terms of moving furniture, I also look out for the requests to move either larger items or larger quantities of items, then I bid on those. I do bid on smaller projects as well but most of the time I look for the larger requests for moving furniture.

The location also plays a role. If it’s local I don’t mind but I have also travelled 30 miles or about an hour before. In that case, the job was in Kent. For a larger job like that, I don’t mind travelling further.

What Advice Would You Share With New Professionals?

You need to be patient. When I first started I bought a lot of credits and didn’t win any jobs. Now I’m winning a lot of business through Bidvine though.

When you are patient, you get a job with a customer, and you’re marked as hired, it will make your profile look professional because you’ll then have references. You can also make your profile look professional by specifying industry specifics. For instance, for people in my profession, it’s good to specify that you have full insurance.

Once you get hired for the first time it becomes easier and easier to get hired again so keep bidding.

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