I Got More Clients with BidMatch in 2 Weeks Than a Gym I Work At

Lashara van Heerden

Personal Trainer

After just two weeks of using BidMatch, Lashara has already been hired by 5 clients, all of whom signed up for a package of 10 lessons and that’s just the start! With her passion for personal training and the help of BidMatch to get her business off the ground, Lashara can’t wait to see what the future holds for her personal training career. In our interview with her, she shared her insight into how others can succeed with Bidvine.

What Ignited Your Passion to Become a Personal Trainer?

I went through my own weight loss journey during the last four years and lost 18kg. Then last year I also ran the London Marathon in honour of someone who had been very close and had passed away. I think when you lose someone very close to you, it’s a reaffirmation to focus on what is most important in your life. So I decided to leave my office job and study to be a personal trainer.

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What Makes Your Personal Training Services Unique?

I take a more holistic approach, which I highlight in my Bidvine profile. I try and look at how people are eating, how they’re sleeping, how their mood is being affected by exercise and changing their lifestyle. I try and teach them good habits that will enable them to keep weight off.

I’m essentially trying to teach people a sustainable lifestyle approach to weight loss. That involves giving them nutritional guidelines, having day to day feedback with them, showing them how to eat mindfully through tracking and also, obviously, with one to one personal training.

It’s a much more hands-on approach. I don’t just see my clients once a week and then leave them alone until I see them next week. I chat with them in between. We get to know and understand what problem areas are and what their strengths are and we build on that together.

My advice is very honest and I try to teach people healthy habits rather than quick success.

When Did You Start Using Bidvine?

I had received my qualifications, set up a website, and sort of done everything in the right direction towards having my own business, but I couldn’t quite see how to initially get clients. So I typed ‘Personal Trainer’ into Google and Bidvine came up as one of the top matches. Then I signed up to Bidvine and since then it has definitely helped to get my business off the ground. I first started out on the original model but quickly discovered BidMatch which I thought was a better fit for my needs because I could bid for free.

How Long Did it Take You to Get BidMatch Set up?

I took the content from my website and tweaked it to fit the BidMatch setup. In total, it took me less than an hour. It was very quick.

Image Credit: Lashara Fit Living

How Has BidMatch Helped to Grow Your Business?

Initially, I thought that I might get one or two of my clients from Bidvine and that it would be something good to have on the side. Now, after using Bidvine for two weeks though, I would say that I have more clients through BidMatch than I do from inside my Gym.

From BidMatch, right now I have five clients with a potential sixth client, who I just need to finalise the details with, and that’s just in the last two weeks. All of my clients have signed up for a package of 10 sessions as well, which is fantastic.

Where is The Best Place to Mention Any Packages You Offer?

I mention the packages I offer in my bid message. I tell people that my standard rate per hour if someone just signs up for one session. Then I explain that if they’d like to sign up for more, they can purchase a package of 10 lessons, which has a discounted rate per session if they are in my area.

What Are The Key Elements to Success With BidMatch?

This is something that I’ve spoken to my clients about actually. A lot of my clients say that the description I wrote was a key factor. In my BidMatch bid, I give a two-point description about what a client will receive with training and a little bit about my personal experience with weight loss.

Image Credit: Lashara Fit Living

What are Your Favourite Things About BidMatch?

I feel like the matches are quite good. It’s nice to be able to allow the system to do the work for you instead of having to look through all of the requests on your own. BidMatch provides you with a warm lead, so you know the customer is interested in your services and it’s highly efficient, which saves time. It allows you to focus more on your current clients rather than on the administrative part of running a personal training business.

What Are Your Top Tips to New Pros Just Starting out on BidMatch?

Make sure your profile is professional. So, use photographs that are professional. Have some taken by a photographer if you need to. It’s something worth investing in. Do a quality job. Take time and effort to put a description together that is honest, true to you, and is detailed so that the client gets a little bit of an idea of what they’re getting.

Then make sure your BidMatch message is friendly and engaging. In my message, I ask a question to engage them. I describe the service that I’m giving, I try to be friendly, and I follow up promptly. Sometimes, people are busy, and following up is just what they need. It gets you moving in the right direction.

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