Bidvine Helps Massage Therapists Relax, Knowing They Can Get New Clients

As a complementary therapist specialising in Massage, Reflexology and Reiki, Ros is a big proponent in building on established foundations but living life proactively in the spirit of continuous self-improvement. Ros approaches her massage therapist practice with the same philosophy, combining ancient practices from Eastern esoteric medicine in Massage Therapy but keeping an eye on the latest technologies when it comes to finding new customers. That’s how she came across Bidvine too!

Ros Burrett Massage Therapist of The Wellness Practitioner

Bidvine is based on a brilliant concept with great execution; I love that it gives me the flexibility I need. I can choose my working hours, who I work with, when, and how much do I quote. The site has a professional feel which compliments my brand. More importantly, they have the marketing channels in place to get their professionals new customers on a continuous basis. Bidvine gives me the freedom to work on my own terms without having to compromise my studies or personal goals.

Ros Burrett, Massage Therapist, The Wellness Practitioner

Before starting her own practice, Ros was working in administrative roles before transitioning into childcare for over 10 years. ‘What I enjoyed most among other things during my time in childcare is working collaboratively with parents. Many of these parents were very knowledgeable about alternative medicine and home remedies–not just when it came to cure but also prevention! But I’ve always had a very holistic perspective on health and it has been something I was lucky enough to grow up with,’ Ros explained. It was around 4 years ago that inspired by her conversations with parents, Ros arrived at a crossroads. She decided to have a complete career break and continue her studies. ‘I had a foundation in my university education in Live Sciences and I went on to study Reiki and Massage Therapy,’ she continued passionately.

‘I like to build on foundations from Eastern esoteric and Chinese medicine with a holistic approach of combining the best of ancient medicine with modern knowledge about the human anatomy. I believe there are so many complementary therapies out there that ultimately what makes one therapist, myself included, stand out over the rest is their philosophy. Some clients just want a massage and there is nothing wrong with that. But others appreciate that my approach is more holistic, infusing Reiki and Aromatherapy. No two treatments are ever the same; I tailor them to my customer’s physical needs and psychological circumstances. I can travel to clients and I cover South West, West, and Central London or if preferred, clients can visit me. I have a lovely treatment room where I can carry out massage therapy treatments.’

If you are a massage therapist starting out on Bidvine, here’s what Ros recommends: ‘Spend a lot of time on your profile to make sure it looks professional and that it is a good reflection on all the services that you cover. In a room full of a hundred massage therapists, each has a unique selling point—something that makes them special. That’s what your profile should communicate.’

Bidvine’s provider profiles are great to showcase your professional experiences, photos of yourself and customer reviews. It allows you to setup a professional web presence without spending hours on customising nonessential details. It’s hard to know what to include and leave out on your website when you talk about something that you’re passionate about. Bidvine designed provider profile layouts with the customers in mind and setting up a profile on Bidvine, which you can easily share on social media, can be a great compliment or substitute to your existing professional website.

Ros Burrett, Massage Therapist
The Wellness Practitioner
Bidvine Professional since May 2016

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