Love Island Fans Can Earn £45 Recapping Each Episode To Busy Britons

It’s that time of year again guys. Love Island has returned to our screens and there is no escaping the post-episode analysis inevitably discussed between friends, colleagues and family the day after a new islander enters the villa or there’s a new couple alert.

This is great news if you’re a massive fan with an hour each evening to dedicate to the show, but many people with prior commitments and responsibilities simply won’t be able to keep up.

The show is airing for another seven weeks, which may feel like a lifetime for those who aren’t in the loop with the plot lines of the constantly evolving show.  

Do you consider yourself a Love Island expert? Then, it may be worth your while to share your expertise with those who do not want to feel left out.

We are on the hunt for die-hard fans of the public who watch each episode of the show religiously and give episode recaps to those who don’t have the time to watch the show or want to stay in the loop, without dedicating an hour a night to doing so.

What Does Becoming a Love Island Expert Entail?

The perfect candidates will:

  • Watch the show religiously and be able to recall key moments between couples in each episode
  • Keeping abreast of all social media accounts relating to the show
  • Be able to provide daily episode recaps to those wanting to use the service, be it by email or by phone call
  • Be educated on the characters’ backgrounds and personal lives prior to entering the show

If you think you could be a Love Island expert you can sign up below:

Have you watched every episode of Love Island so far this season?

Would you be able to do this for every episode remaining this season?

Do you keep up to date with Love Island gossip?

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